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Glacier Technology has experience and expertise in developing complete package solutions. In addition to offering an extensive line of quality equipment, we supply the accessories necessary to implement an entire industrial air system.


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  • High temperature hose – selections include foundry hose, furnace hose, dryer system hose, and vehicle exhaust hose available in steel or plastic helix.
  • Flexible hose – high performance flexible hose for dust collection, material handling, as well as food & pharmaceutical applications
  • Clamp together ducting – the fast, easy, and cost effective solution for duct installation in a variety of applications

Accessories Manufacturers

We represent the most trusted manufacturers, and offer a full selection of products and accessories to meet most industrial air system applications.

Masterduct -
Masterduct manufactures high quality, innovative hose products for industrial applications – particularly in high-heat, abrasive materials conveyance, vehicular exhaust source-capture, and chemical fume environments. Offering technical hoses and connecting systems to meet just about any need, the Masterduct line includes long-wearing, flexible polyester-polyurethane conveyance hoses, and mechanically-locked fabric hoses for high heat/corrosive fumes.

Plymovent USA -
A global supplier of products, systems, and services for air extraction and filtration, Plymovent provides a workplace with clean air with solutions for indoor air pollution created by welding fumes and vehicle emissions. Plymovent offers a wide selection of equipment including engine exhaust fumes hose, pull-up hose system hose, and hose reel system hose.

KB Duct -
KB Duct is a trusted source for industrial sheet metal components and systems, including standard duct and clamp together duct. In addition to the line of traditional duct and components, special fabrications are also available. KB Duct products include a wide range of ductwork parts and supplies including galvanized or stainless steel ducting, the Forever Clamp and Clamp Together Duct.

Contact Glacier Technology for assistance in finding the best accessories for your industrial air system application. Reach us online or give us a call today at 763-577-0102!