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Glacier Technology is your complete source for an unsurpassed selection of air filters featuring the latest filtration advancements.

Air Filters

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  • Cartridge Filters – Glacier Technology proudly features DELTAMAXX filters for optimal performance in any dust collector.
  • HEPA Filters – for facilities that require ultra-clean, fresh air, we offer a variety of HEPA filters developed for performance and compliance. HEPA filters have efficiencies up to 99.99% at 0.3 microns
  • Vee Bags – extended surface air filters designed for most medium and high efficiency air filtration systems.
  • Bag Filters – to manage industrial dust collection and filtration in a variety of applications, our selection includes bag filters for a number of systems.
  • Pleated Filter – an economical choice for excellent performance, high efficiency, long service life and easy disposal.
Delta Maxx

DeltaMAXX Nanofiber Technology dust collector filter offers higher efficiency, durability and lower pressure drop. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE AND SAVE MONEY.

Air Filter Manufacturers

We represent several major filter manufacturers. Please call us to help select the best filter for your application.

Imperial Systems Inc. -
Imperial Systems Manufactures The DeltaMAXX Cartridge Filter which delivers the longest filter life, cleanest air, and the greatest cost saving in the market today. DeltaMAXX is the most advanced NanoFiber filter available. Regardless of the nature of your dust collection and air pollution control application, Imperial Systems has the answer for all of your cartridge filtration needs.

Glacier Technology will help you to select the right system to address your filter requirements. Reach us online or give us a call today at 763-577-0102!