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Air Pollution Control Equipment

Not only does air pollution jeopardize the earth's environment, it poses serious issues for indoor air quality as well. Air pollution control is a crucial aspect of industrial facility maintenance for many reasons, from improving the health and safety of employees, to assuring the proper operation of equipment and machinery. Glacier Technology provides air pollution control solutions that address particulate, VOCs, oil mist, fume and smoke collection issues with a broad range of products including cartridge or bag dust collectors, wet scrubber and smoke collectors.

Air Pollution Control Equipment

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  • Industrial Dust Collection – Manage industrial dust collection needs with cartridge dust collectors, downdraft tables, baghouse dust collectors, indexing fine particulate filter, and industrial HEPA filter units.
  • Wet Scrubbers – Protect workers from inhaling toxic elements emitted by industrial operations with fume scrubbers and wet scrubbers.
  • Weld Smoke Collectors – Fumes generated in plant environments are harmful and should be managed with weld smoke collectors that clean the air and protect workers from inhaling toxins.
  • Mist Collectors – Work environments must be protected from the dispersion of industrial fluids such as machine oil, which occur in the form of mists.
  • Vehicle Exhaust – Source capture, hose reels and simple exhaust solutions for garages of all types. Our systems manage small, medium, and large work areas, as well as systems for virtually unlimited sized working areas.
  • Extractor Arms (Fume Arms) – Easily operated and extremely versatile, extractor arms effectively extract fumes, vapors and solvents at work stations and work benches.

Air Pollution Control Equipment Manufacturers

We represent the leading manufacturers, and offer a complete range of products to meet the most stringent emissions criteria and air pollution control regulations.

Imperial Systems Inc. -
Imperial Systems has the expertise in industrial dust collection to clean up manufacturing processes. Just about every manufacturing process creates dust or fumes, and Imperial has collectors to manage just about any type of dust or fume. Imperial offers the most advanced Nanofibers Technology with MERV 15 filtration efficiency (99.97% efficient on .3 microns) on all of their cartridges. The CMAXX, along with the proprietary IDA (In-Line Deflagration Arrestor) has been proven to isolate a deflagration and stop the flame front with no additional filters required. This means BIG SAVINGS for the end user.

AER Control -
AER Control Systems has experience in designing and manufacturing air filtration equipment solutions that exceed all OSHA and EPA requirements. In addition to a diverse standard product line, AER Control Systems has the years of manufacturing expertise to develop and fabricate custom air filtration systems up to 36,000 CFM.

AT Industrial -
AT Industrial Products Corporation manufactures quality equipment for safe and efficient industrial dust collection. Members of NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), AT Industrial specializes in equipment for the collection of fire hazardous dust such as aluminum and titanium. The product line primarily consists of wet dust collectors and down draft work benches.

Dual Draw, LLC -
Providing air quality systems for flat work surface processes, DualDraw downdraft equipment features panel filter, self-cleaning cartridge filter, or wet collector downdraft equipment. DualDraw also offers stand-alone systems and walk-in booths.

Plymovent USA - –
A global supplier of products, systems, and services for air extraction and filtration, Plymovent provides a workplace with clean air with solutions for indoor air pollution created by welding fumes, and vehicle emissions. Plymovent offers a wide selection of extraction arms, which are available in various working reaches and can be used on extension booms or mounted on rails.

Tri-Mer -
Tri-Mer Corporation specializes in advanced air pollution control systems. Tri-Mer technologies include the Crossflow for the scrubbing of virtually all inorganic compound, the VF Packed Bed Scrubber for the highest loadings of fumes and gases, and the Whirl Wet dust collector, one of industry's most time-proven solutions for dusts over 3 microns.

Glacier Technology will help you to select the right system to address your air pollution control requirements. Reach us online or give us a call today at 763-577-0102!