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Industrial Fans and Blowers

Industrial Fans

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As a specialist in air filtration, Glacier Technology has extensive experience with industrial fan and blower applications. Industrial fans and blowers are essential for all processes that need air flow. Our application experience and expertise with fans and blowers is foundational to the success of our complete air handling packages. We offer our customers turnkey systems and the benefits of:

  • Excellent equipment, expert installation, and full service
  • Industrial fans and blowers from the leading manufacturers
  • Cast aluminum and steel industrial fan and blower products
  • For corrosive environments, Fiberglass and PVC industrial fans and blowers
  • Industrial fans to meet the requirements of a broad range of applications

Our application experience with industrial fan and blower applications includes meeting the needs of a wide variety of clients. Major equipment classification includes:

Industrial Fans and Blowers

Industrial Fan and Blower Manufacturers

We represent the leading manufacturers of industrial fans and blowers, and offer a complete selection of products to meet the needs and requirements of a variety of industries and facilities.

Cincinnati Fan and Ventilator Company, Inc. -
For over 50 years Cincinnati Fan has been manufacturing cast aluminum and fabricated steel industrial fans, blowers and exhausters. In addition to their catalogued products, which include fans that range from 1/4 to 125 horsepower, Cincinnati Fan manufactures custom models, designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of most applications.

Daniels Fans -
Daniels Fans is a leading manufacturer of high temperature fans, with thousands of fans supplied worldwide. Maximum temperature up to 2200°F. Static pressure up to 80". Air cooled shafts up to 2200°F - no water cooling required.

AirPro Fan & Blower Company -
AirPro industrial duty centrifugal fans and blowers are designed for a variety of airflow volumes and pressure combinations. AirPro's fans and blowers meet Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) standards. With many different models of industrial fans, AirPro is able to satisfy a wide variety of application requirements., both pre-engineered and custom, include backward inclined fans, backward curved fans, radial tipped fans, material handling fans, high pressure blowers, and other centrifugal fans & blowers up to 1,000 horsepower.

Industrial Blowers

National Turbine Corp. -
Dedicated to producing the highest quality air and gas handling systems, National Turbine manufactures multi-stage centrifugal blowers and exhausters for use in industrial, municipal and central vacuum cleaning applications. National Turbine is customer service oriented and maintains a repair center where they rebuild blowers of almost any manufacturer.

Republic Blowers -
Republic Sales & Manufacturing offers a complete line of industrial blowers, vacuum pumps, air knives, filter and custom metal fabrication. Republic has a complete line of regenerative blowers for high vacuum or compressed air applications in horizontal and vertical mounted options.

Atlantic Blowers -
Atlantic Blowers develops advanced air-moving products including regenerative blowers, centrifugal blowers, air bubble diffusers and air knife drying systems to meet the many challenging applications of OEMs and end-users worldwide. Atlantic Blowers achieve extreme levels of pressure, flow and vacuum. Compact designs are lightweight and are oil-free, built to last with low acoustical noise levels.

Industrial Plastic Fan LLC -
IPF manufactures quality PVC blowers and polypropylene blowers for a variety of industrial applications. An ISO 9001-2000 compliant manufacturer, IPF develops fans to precision tolerances, with well-balanced impellers for whisper quiet operation. IPF plastic fans are well suited for use in corrosive environments, with high degrees of humidity and moisture, as well as exposure to caustics, chlorine, or acids.

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