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Noise Control Equipment

Excessive noise is extremely prevalent in today's industrial environments. Industrial fans, blowers, compressors and other air moving equipment are among the leading causes of noise problems. If unaddressed, these issues will lead to health and safety concerns, as well as possible environmental regulation violations. Noise control equipment decreases the intensity or volume of sound in a controlled environment.

  • Fan Silencers – Fans are used in many industrial applications, and can be large contributors to the problem of industrial noise. Fan silencers can significantly control noise in both indoor and outdoor environments.
Noise Control Equipment

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The Glacier Technology team will assist you with implementing noise control solutions and making sure you are in compliance with noise regulations.

Noise Control Equipment Manufacturers

We represent the leading manufacturers, offering the best and most innovative solutions including a complete range of products to meet industrial noise control needs.

VAW Systems Noise Control -
VAW Systems Ltd. is a leading supplier of noise control products for all Noise Control Systems, Applications and Markets. Difficult and challenging problems can often be solved by applying the appropriate application of one of VAW standard or custom engineered silencers, panels or enclosures.

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