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Cases Studies

Gold Series Collecting Ambient Welding Fumes

In the spring of 2014, Waconia opened a brand new facility and began researching to find the best dust collector to keep the new facility clean. Camfil APC representative Glacier Technology assisted Waconia from the beginning in order to find the best solution. Because of the welding smoke, Glacier did not want the collection points lower than the return points in order to avoid downdraft situations and the possibility of recirculating contaminated air.

"We were up against an un-ducted, standalone vortex type of unit."

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Gold Series Collecting Precious Metal Dust

The process of recycling precious metal scrap such as gold, silver, and platinum creates high levels of dust in the environment. When a recycling plant in Rogers, MN experienced problems with their dust collection system and failed a regulator emissions test, a shut-down of plant operations ensued. An efficient and reliable solution needed to be implemented immediately. Glacier Technology was able to devise a long-term solution to address dust collection needs and return the plant to profitable operations.

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Gold Series Collecting Polymer Dust from Hand Grinding

A manufacturer of cast polymer products in Sparta, WI, was experiencing problems with the dust volume created in the production processes used for fabricating their cast sinks. The facility's original baghouse dust collector system proved to be unable to manage the high amount of manufacturing dust. The dust was creating a health concern for employees and would lead to equipment problems. Glacier Technology developed a system that would address the manufacturer's needs with Farr Gold Series Modules that were up for the challenge and delivered a permanent solution.

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Gold Series Collecting Cement Dust

In Albany, MN, the developers of a new concrete manufacturing facility needed to implement a dust collection system that would manage the complex needs of this operation. A variety of operations would occur in this plant, including sandblasting, welding, and wood-forming, each producing dust with unique management requirements. Farr provided the solution for all of the plant's needs with a Gold Series duct collection system, which also provided significant energy efficiency.

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