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Oil Mist & Fume Collection

Camfil APC buys German Handte company that specializes in oil mist and fume collection

The oil mist separator for extremely efficient separation of ultra-fine aerosols and fumes. Modular, flexible – for efficient extraction in high-performance machining with cooling lubricants. The Handte Oil Expert offers: Economically efficient separation of ultra-fine CL aerosols & fumes Puncture-proof filtration with guaranteed highest and constant degrees of separation of 99.97% acc. to test standard DIN EN 1822…

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Understanding MFHAP Regulations

Many companies have always just exhausted their weld fume outside. This has been an option for companies especially in temperate climates where heating or cooling the manufacturing plant was not necessary. Plants in colder climates have been able to justify the expense of a cartridge collector, which saved energy costs by filtering the air and…

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