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Diversitech Wet Downdraft Tables

Glacier Technology is the Upper Midwest’s Source for Diversitech Wet Downdraft Tables

Diverstech Wet Downdraft Tables

Diversitech Monsoon self-contained portable wet downdraft tables are the preferred solution for the collection of combustible metal dust. Industries such as aerospace, automotive and metal fabrication commonly work with combustible metal materials including aluminum, titanium and magnesium parts. The Monsoon wet downdraft table safely removes combustible materials while complying with NFPA and OSHA combustible dust guidelines.

Diversitech’s wet downdraft tables are built with 304 stainless steel to avoid rust and corrosion damage. The compact portable configuration of these units makes them flexible and easy to move around any shop. The Monsoon series also features a high performance blower that achieves very high surface velocity to remove all airborne dust over the downdraft table surface. 

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