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Industrial Air Filtration

Glacier Technology is your source for industrial fans, turn-key dust collection equipment,system evaluation, design assistance, installation,
replacement parts, and on-site service.

We offer advanced solutions for OEM fan applications and industrial ventilation and filtration of smoke, dust, fumes, and mist.

Dust, Mist, and Fume Collector Units

Equipment for dust collection, mist collection, downdraft tables and vehicle exhaust systems. Our manufacturers offer the latest technology to ensure your facility meets the current OSHA, NFPA and EPA requirements.

Fans & Blowers

Our manufacturers strive to be the best partners for your OEM business, in many cases striving for a 10-15 day ship time for industrial fans and accessories.  We also can meet your tough applications (high temperature, material handling and sanitary).

Fume Arms

PlymoVent extractor arms allow dust or fumes to be captured at the source. PlymoVent arms range from 3”-8” diameter, have a low pressure drop and are very easy to move.

Replacement Filters

Keep your equipment running at optimal efficiency longer by replacing your industrial filters regularly. We carry a wide selection for all types of collection systems.  Our cartridge filters are available in MERV 15 without a premium price.

Glacier Technology has made workplaces cleaner, healthier and helped create a more productive environment for over 20 years.



Filter Problems?

  • Unhappy with
    your filter's performance?
  • Looking for ways to save money?
  • Changing filters too often?
  • All of the above?

We have the solution.

We carry a full selection of replacement filters for your dust/mist collection systems:

ACT Collectors, Aercology, Air King, Air Flow Systems, Dust Hog, Camfil Farr, Filter 1, Micro Air, PlymoVent, Robovent, Smog Hog, Sternvent, Torit/Donaldson, Trion.

What can Glacier Technology do for you?

Help with Fan Selection

Our expert team has helped many industries in choosing the right fans and blowers for their filtration and collection needs.

Energy Savings & Management

Regardless of the application, we have solutions to assist in managing and saving on energy for all industrial spaces. 

Replacement Filters

Keep your equipment running at optimal efficiency longer by replacing your industrial filters regularly. We carry a wide selection for all types of filter units.

Dust, Mist, Fume Collection & Filtration

We can help you control dust, mist, oil, fumes, and all other contaminants that may pollute the air.

Explosion Protection

Protect your employees and equipment from the threat of potential explosions due to combustable dust and vapors.

What others are saying about Glacier Technology

“What we’ve noticed is that the air in the new facility is clean and not hazy like in an older shop or a shop with bad air flow. Our high beams in the facility are painted white and they still look like they were painted a few days ago,”

Operations Manager,

At a MN manufacturing company



Top-Quality Products & Engineered Solutions

We select top-quality equipment and design systems to maximize efficiency, minimize energy consumption and reduce noise generation. Our engineered solutions can reduce your facility heating and cooling costs. Let Glacier Technology create an in-plant, clean air solution specifically for you.

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