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Quarry Equipment Job SiteClean air and ventilation in the quarry and mining industry presents serious challenges. There are critical dangers involved with quarry and mine job sites that must be addressed to assure the safety of those working and living in the area.

When it comes to maintaining safety in quarries and mines, OSHA enforces strict requirements. It is the responsibility of businesses to maintain safe and compliant operations. The Glacier team can assist by designing solutions using industry-leading equipment to create dependable clean air systems that are dependable, effective, and cost-efficient. 

Glacier offers innovative air handling equipment that meets the demands and challenges of quarry and mining environments. Applications range from dust collectors and air handling units to manage dust generated by crushing to air filtration and ventilation systems.

As experienced representatives of the industry’s most trusted manufacturers of industrial fans, accessories, dust collectors, and more, we are equipped and capable of developing reliable solutions. We’ve worked hard to build strong supplier relationships to provide reliable support and some of the best lead times available.

Featured Equipment

Imperial CMAXX Cartridge Dust Collector

The CMAXX Cartridge Dust Collector is designed to return clean air back into the environment, eliminating the costs associated with make-up air. These benefits make Imperial great for the mining industry:

  • Vertical cartridge design utilizing gravity to keep cartridges clean longer
  • Cross flow inlet plenum design with less abrasion to the cartridges
  • Heavy duty 7 and 10 gauge construction for harsh environments
  • Powder coat paint systems for harsh environments
  • The Safety Pentagon for mistake free maintenance and safety
  • Arched roof to shed weather elements allowing for less corrosion
  • No-exterior-bolt design eliminates the potential for dozens of leaks and corrosion
  • Manifold mounted diaphragm valves for more efficient cartridge cleaning utilizing less compressed air
  • Superior door locking mechanism designed from US military style for harsh environments

Imperial BRF Baghouse Dust Collector

The Imperial Systems BRF baghouse dust collector excels in challenging applications. With longer filter life and high energy efficiency, the BRF also offers the best value and quality in the industry.

  • Explosion Venting –  allows a flame front and pressure wave to escape the collector and dissipate
  • Explosion Isolation Valve – installed on the ductwork, detects any sparks that are present in the duct
  • Airlocks – maintain a consistent seal at the outlet of the dust collector while allowing material to continuously pass through 
  • Heavy Duty Construction (7 & 10 gauge)
  • First Round Baghouse to be Powder Coated
  • Auto Calibration of Filter Bag Alignment

Material Handling Fans

The abrasive and corrosive material encountered in mines and quarries can wreak havoc as it moves through the system. Larger and more abrasive debris require heavy-duty material handling fans, designed to withstand the harsher conditions. The construction of the material handling equipment used is critical. AirPro fans feature heavy-duty construction with abrasion-resistant materials like AR400 Carbon Steel, Teflon, or Stainless Steel to withstand harsh environments and material. 

  • Air volumes up to 80,000 cfm
  • Static pressures up to 45” wg
  • Open radial-blade wheel design, or Radial-bladed with backplate and no-snag gussets
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