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Absolent Mist Collector in Food Processing PlantFood and beverage industry applications require special considerations such as requirements for safety and hygiene, and in some cases accommodation for combustible dust. Glacier Technology offers you the benefits of our extensive experience and expert knowledge in the  design and development of clean air systems for food and beverage processes, including experience in successfully navigating OSHA and NFPA requirements. Our team understands the strict requirements for these applications as well as the need for efficient and cost effective solutions.

As experienced representatives of the industry’s most trusted manufacturers of industrial fans, accessories, and air pollution control equipment, we are equipped and capable of developing reliable solutions. We’ve worked hard to build strong supplier relationships to provide reliable support and some of the best lead times available.

Featured Equipment

Specialty Fans

Our specialty fans include fans designed for abrasive material handling, spark resistance, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance and more.

  • API (American Petroleum Institute) 673 & 560 specifications
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Food grade, meets or exceeds 3A standards
  • Fiberglass/FRP for caustic applications
  • Regenerative blowers for low air volume, and higher pressures
  • Heavy Industrial

Centrifugal Fans

We are proud to partner with the industry’s leading manufacturers to provide centrifugal fans in configurations to meet a variety of application needs.

  • Horsepower: fractional up to 1,000 HP
  • Static Pressure up to 80″ wg
  • Temp Range: up to 2,200F
  • Fan Size: 8″ to 90″
  • Belt Drive, Direct Drive Options
  • Quick ship available on some fan models (5 days)

Imperial CMAXX Cartridge Dust Collector

The CMAXX Cartridge Dust Collector is designed to return clean air back into the environment, eliminating the costs associated with make-up air.

  • Vertical cartridge design (cross flow)
  • Powder coat painted (inside, out)
  • No external bolts
  • 15 year warranty
  • Heavy duty construction (7 & 10 gauge)
  • Easy 3 piece assembly

Combustible Dust

Glacier Technology custom designs combustible systems to address specific material and facility needs, following an in depth analysis. Each system we design includes the explosion and fire mitigation devices needed to provide compliance and protection. Our team is experienced and equipped to develop the most reliable proactive and reactive combustible dust solutions.

Case Studies & Information

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