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AER Control Systems

Glacier Technology is the Upper Midwest’s Source for AER Products

AER Control Systems

AER Control Systems offers a comprehensive line of air filtration equipment solutions that exceed all OSHA and EPA requirements. In addition to a vast array of standard products, AER Control Systems has extensive manufacturing experience in developing and fabricating custom air filtration systems up to 36,000 CFM. AER Control Systems serves the mist and dust collection needs of facilities in a broad range of industries.

AER Control Systems designs and manufactures industrial air filtration and ventilation systems to promote a healthy workplace and protect equipment. The product line includes air cleaners and filtration units for various industrial applications, from welding and metalwork, CNC machining, to flammable metallurgy.

AER products deliver superior performance and efficiency to meet the air cleaning and dust filtration demands of any application. Featuring air filtration technology engineered to rapidly clean your work environment, AER systems improve the longevity of equipment and protects employees from industrial particulates and emissions. By mitigating workplace exposure and preventing equipment failure, AER filtration systems help reduce the costs of production and maintenance.

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