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Welder in Shop Surrounded by Weld FumeGlacier Technology has extensive experience in developing clean air solutions for a variety of welding fume collection needs. Some applications we have served include robotic welding cells for a metal parts manufacturer to welding stations in vocational classrooms. We have developed solutions for:

  • Manufacturing weld stations
  • Plasma tables
  • Hand-held plasma operations
  • Open floor welding
  • Jig and fixture welding 
  • And more

We are eager to help more customers in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin improve health, safety, and productivity with weld fume extraction systems.



Source Capture Weld Fume Solutions

The collection and removal of weld fumes is essential for keeping people and the environment safe, and for assuring that processes stay productive and profitable. Whenever possible, source capture is the best choice for weld fume extraction. 

Effective source capture requires the correct positioning of a fume extractor with appropriate airflow for the application. A well-positioned fume arm or extraction hood draws hazardous weld fumes away from the breathing zone of the welder. Another highly effective type of source capture is the integrated fume extraction MIG welding gun, which assures the welder is breathing the cleanest air possible.

Plymovent KUA Arm used for Weld Fume Control

Fume Extraction Arms

Glacier Technology offers Plymovent fume extractor arms in various working reaches to provide weld fume capture at the source. Extraction arms can be implemented with extension booms if additional reach is needed, or they may be installed on a rail for unlimited reach.

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Portable Fume Collectors

Our Plymovent portable collectors are mobile filter units designed to remove welding fumes on-site in confined areas and spaces that are difficult to reach by fixed welding fume extraction systems. Portable fume collectors are suitable for many welding applications such as MIG, MAG, TIG, GMAW, FCAW and stick electrode welding.

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Fume Exhaust Hoods

The innovative Air-Port Welding Hood developed by Imperial Systems is available from Glacier Technology. The Air-Port eliminates many of the weaknesses found in standard designs. The two-leg design means plenty of room for movement around the welding station so welders can get where they need to be. Multiple Air-Port welding hoods can be lined up in a modular layout for a clean and efficient shop. 

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AirPort Fume Extraction Hood

Ambient Solutions for Weld Fume from Imperial Systems

The Shadow Compact Fume Extractor fills the need for a basic fume extraction system. Its patent-pending design handles weld fume extraction and laser fume extraction. Providing the same air quality benefits as a premium dust collector, the Shadow makes clean air benefits more affordable with a lower price point. 

The CMAXX Dust and Fume Collection System provides maximum cleaning performance. This heavy duty collector features a modular design so it can be customized for each application. For example, Glacier designed a CMAXX CM008 with a customized ventilation system to serve multiple robotic welding cells. Read about this installation.

Finding the Right Weld Fume Solution to Meet Your Needs

Our extensive knowledge and industry experience has helped the Glacier Technology team to develop a variety of weld fume collection solutions for a broad range of applications and needs. 

Our team can assist you with diagnostics, air flow measurement, and air testing, while providing comprehensive project management, including coordination with contractors to complete the installation. We design safe, efficient, and cost-effective weld fume solutions, and we have great relationships with the best suppliers to get your solution up and running quickly.  

Glacier Technology is proud to partner with the best manufacturers to provide fume extraction equipment to address a wide variety of shop conditions. Contact us to discuss your weld fume and industrial fume extraction system needs.



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