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Glacier Technology is the Upper Midwest’s Source for Plymovent Products


Plymovent is a worldwide supplier of products, systems, and services for air extraction and filtration. Plymovent provides a broad range of workplace environments with clean air with solutions for indoor air pollution created by welding fumes and vehicle emissions. Plymovent offers a wide selection of extraction arms, which are available in various working reaches and can be used on extension booms or mounted on rails.

Plymovent is a global, leading supplier of products, systems and services for the extraction and filtration of polluted indoor air. Plymovent it known for high-quality solutions that remove welding and cutting fumes, grinding dust and oil mist in the metalworking industry. They also specialize in solutions for the capture and removal of vehicle exhaust gases. Plymovent products contribute significantly to a cleaner, safer and healthier workplace – anywhere in the world.

Law requires companies to keep welding fumes in the breathing zone of a welder below a certain limit. Since welding fumes are hazardous in the workplace, they should be reduced and/or extracted from the area where welding fume collects. Plymovent offers various effective solutions for the extraction of welding fumes.

Oil mist or oil smoke is created when metalworking fluids are used to either cool metal workpieces or lubricate parts and tools during the operation process. Oil mist needs to be captured to protect the health of employees, create a safe work environment and extend the lifespan of your machinery and tools. Plymovent offers system solutions to control oil mist in any work environment.

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