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Extractor arms allow fumes to be captured at the source. Glacier Technology offers fume extractor arms in various working reaches, extraction arms can be implemented with extension booms if additional reach is needed. Extractor arms may also be installed on a rail for unlimited reach. Glacier Technology is proud to offer a wide range of Plymovent extraction arms with metal and hose tubes.

    • 3″ to 8″ diameter
    • 150 cfm to 1500 cfm
    • Length:  3′ to 30′
    • Pressure drop:  3″ wc
    • Materials of Construction:  powder coat aluminum or stainless steel
    • Mounting Configurations:  Desktop, Wall, Ceiling, Telescopic, Rail
    • Fully Controlled System – Sensors assure energy is only used when necessary
    • Arms available in stainless steel for lab or food applications
    • Grounded fumes for combustible dust applications (ATEX compliant)


Glacier Technology has extensive experience in developing air pollution solutions that incorporate extractor arms for applications such as maintenance and production, as well as workbench applications.


  • KUA
  • LM-2
  • MiniMan
  • MultiSmart Arm
  • FlexMax
  • FlexHood
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Fume Extractor Arms





Our best-selling KUA extractor arm is flexible and is available in various lengths and diameters. The KUA arm can be mounted on a Traversing Rail System. It is a flexible extraction arm for fume, gases and oil mist contaminants.

  • Ideal for medium-sized workplaces
  • Hood positioning of 110 degrees in any direction
  • Reach 2.0 m-4.0 m


Fume Extractor Arms




LM-2 “Junior Arm” is a compact extraction arm designed specifically for schools, small working booths and areas with a low ceiling. The LM-2’s telescopic design has a spring-balanced telescopic tube with a counterweight that can be extended and contracted, and  angled and positioned exactly as needed.

  • Designed for schools and small working booths
  • Ideal for bench working
  • Telescopic space saver
  • Reach 1.0 m-2.0 m


Fume Extractor Arms





MiniMan-75 is ideal for smaller working areas, while the MiniMan-100 is ideal for welding booths and vocational schools.


  • Perfect for soldering, lab or dust applications
  • Clear-thru, totally free from internal mechanism
  • Reach of 1 m-1.5 m


  • Higher air volume and longer reach than MM-75. The high performance solution for dust and fume applications
  • Clear-thru, totally free from internal mechanisms
  • Reach of 1.5 m-2.1 m


MultiSmart Arm

Fume Extractor Arms





Features completely uninterrupted airflow and the lowest pressure loss of any extractor arm on the market.

  • Clear-thru design for highest possible air volumes
  • Available in 125, 160 & 200 mm diameters
  • Reach 3.0 m-4.0 m



Fume Extractor Arms





Ideal for reaching far out into the workplace and allowing the arm to easily fold to the wall  providing minimum space interruptions.

  • Extension crane for EconomyArm and KUA extraction arms
  • Covers large working areas
  • Reaches above its mounting height
  • Extra reach of max. 4.5 m


Fume Extractor Arms





The FlexHood extraction hood is developed to cover a specific welding area, such as a robotic installation. When source extraction is impossible – for example due to the fact that welding robots move on a rail system – extraction hoods are an effective way to extract welding fumes near the actual process. It reduces the amount of fumes, small particles, fine dust, but also mist and aerosols in the workshop atmosphere.


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