High Pressure Air Flow for Challenging Conditions

Glacier Technology offers a wide range of centrifugal fans and blowers well-suited to a wide range of application needs. We are proud to partner with the industry’s leading manufacturers to provide centrifugal fans in configurations to meet a wide array of application needs.

  • Horsepower: fractional up to 1,000 HP
  • Static Pressure up to 80″ wg
  • Temp Range: up to 2,200F
  • Fan Size: 8″ to 90″
  • Belt Drive, Direct Drive Options
  • Quick ship available on some fan models (5 days)
  • Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Titanium Wheels
  • Core competency in food applications
  • Custom fan designs for unique and challenging applications

The experienced Glacier Technology team delivers the best combination of quality, performance, service and value to assure the long-term efficiency and reliability of your process. Contact us to discuss your centrifugal fan needs.

  • Cincinnati Fan
  • AirPro
  • Daniels Fans
  • National Turbine
  • Venco
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Cincinnati Fan

DescriptionModelCFMSPWGMax Air Stream Temp
Heavy Duty Backward Inclined BlowersHDBIup to 51,965up to 41”750° F
Radial Blade ExhausterRBEup to 22,528up to 41”750° F
Heavy Duty Airfoil BlowersHDAFup to 48,551up to 21”750° F
Square Backward Inclined BlowersSQBIup to 28,141up to 23”750° F
Square Airfoil BlowersSQAFup to 27,985up to 17”750° F
Centrifugal Plug FansCPFup to 26,992up to 25”800° F
Airfoil Plug FansCPAFup to 28,600up to 18”800° F
Pressure BlowersPBup to 4,500up to 20”400° F
Fabricated Steel Pressure BlowersPBSup to 4,462up to 20”750° F
Stamped Steel Pressure BlowersSPBup to 4,075up to 18”400° F
High Pressure Radial BlowersHP Series Iup to 1,200up to 30”400° F
High Pressure Radial BlowersHP Series IIup to 7,000up to 78”750° F
Cast Aluminum Volume BlowersLM & LMFup to 2,000up to 4”300° F


DescriptionModelCFMSPWGMax Air Stream Temp
Backward Curved FanBCHSup to 300,000up to 40”1000° F
Backward Inclined FanBIHSup to 350,000up to 25”1000° F
High Pressure Radial OpenHPRLup to 140”1200° F
High Pressure Radial ShroudedHPSLup to 140”1200° F
High Temperature Plug Fan1700° F
Industrial Exhauster Air HandlingIEAHup to 80,000up to 45”1200° F
Industrial Exhauster Paddle WheelIEPWup to 80,000up to 45”1200° F
Industrial Exhauster Radial ShroudedIERSup to 150,000up to 60”1000° F
Industrial Exhauster Trim HandlingIETWup to 80,000up to 45”1200° F
Radial Tipped FanRTHSup to 250,000up to 36”1000° F

Daniels Fans

DescriptionModelCFMSPWGMax Air Stream Temp
Open Paddle Wheel with Radial BladesOPBup to 145,000up to 80”2200° F
Forward Curved BladedMFCup to 175,000up to 16”900° F
Backward Inclined BladesBIFup to 440,000up to 40”900° F

National Turbine



Centurion™ Series Cast Iron Centrifugal Blowers and Exhausters

ModelVolume in SCFM
NT225 Series75-300
NT331 Series Direct Drive0-300
NT331 Series Belt Drive100-450
NT541 Series150-900
NT551 Series300-1100
NT552 Series300-1500
NT553 Series500-2300
NT881 Series600-2800
NT882 Series700-3200
NT883 Series800-5000
NT884 Series800-5000
NT1221 Series1500-6000
NT1222 Series2000-7500
NT1223 Series2000-11000
NT1226 Series2000-7500
NT1441 Series6000-13000
Centrifugal DownblastVECD50 – 6,3001.75 in

Centrifugal DownblastVECB70 to 44,7003.25 in
Centrifugal Upblast/SidewallVUCD60 – 6,400/td>

3 in
Cetrifugal Upblast/SidewallVUCB180 – 30,0005 in
Centrifugal Upblast/SidewallVWCD375 to 12,4502.75 in
Centrifugal Upblast/SidewallVWCB65 to 6,4003 in
Severe Duty Centrifugal UpblastVUSG330 to 6,8003.25 in
Centrifugal DownblastVLCD/VLPD130 to 1,8500.9 in
Centrifugal DownblastVLCB/VLPB620 to 37,5002.125 in

Utility and Centrifugal – Belt drive tiered offer multiple levels of construction for the best value and performance; feature “lock housing”

Backward inclined utility, all galvanized steel material; low to medium air volume and pressure applications
Bolted construction, all galvanized material; light duty, clean air applications
Bolted construction, all painted steel material; grease, smoke, & clean air applications
Welded construction, all painted steel material; heavy, high performance grease, smoke, & clean air applications