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The Shadow Compact Fume extractor from Imperial Systems is an economical, pre-wired plug-and-play fume collector for non-combustible dust. The patent-pending design manages light loading welding fumes and dust, as well as fumes from laser cutting processes. Offering the same air quality benefits as premium dust collector, the Shadow makes these clean air benefits more affordable with a lower price point.

Shadow Features and Benefits

  • Fast, easy installation, no assembly required
  • No costly installation charges – ready to go out of the crate
  • Does not need to be bolted or permanently secured in place
  • Noncombustible dust only saves money on explosion control features
  • Sprinkler head option available for high sparking applications
  • Lift rails designed for easy and safe filter changes
  • Material collection bucket easy to access, empty, and replace
  • “Plug and Play” control panel pre-wired for standard operation, so all you need is power and compressed air
  • On demand pulse-cleaning while the system is active for simple filter cleaning
  • Built-in differential pressure gauges for easy monitoring
  • Remote start capable for improved productivity
  • Multi-directional, spark resistant inlet options allow flexibility in placing the unit
  • Sleek, modern appearance fits well inside any facility, with a compact footprint and powder-coated finish
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Glacier Technology offers the most technologically advanced systems and industrial dust collection solutions We are proud to partner with Imperial Systems to provide the Shadow Compact Fume extractor. Contact us to discuss your project.

  • Imperial Safety Pentagon
  • Sure-Stop System
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Imperial Safety Pentagon

Safety-PentagonThe Shadow Compact Fume Extractor is outfitted with the most innovative features including a redundant safety design. The features include:

  • Anti-Ramp Lift Rails – Stops filters from overlapping each other
  • Double Gasketed Filters – Double layer of protection to ensure a good seal
  • Completely Grounded – Filters are grounded to the dust collector
  • Lift Rail Door Stop – Stops the door from closing if the lift rails are not in the proper upright position
  • Sure-Stop System – Ensures filters are installed properly or the door will not close, using pan indexing channel and door indexing bar

Sure-Stop System

Sure-Stop System

Imperial’s sure stop system ensures that the dust collector door will not close if the filters are not fully inserted and seated properly. Indexing tabs in both the back and door of the collector fit into the shape of the pan, ensuring that everything is properly seated and the collector is running efficiently.


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