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Performance in High Temperature, Highly Corrosive Environments

Glacier Technology provides a comprehensive selection of standard high temperature fans, in addition to custom fans developed for customer applications. Our high temperature fans are fabricated from heat resistant materials to perform in the most demanding environments.

  • Operating temperatures up to 2,200 F
  • Volumes up to 440,000 CFM
  • Pressures to 80” WG
  • Wheel Diameters to 102 inches
  • Air cooled shaft and bearings

Glacier Technology offers high temperature fans well-suited to a wide range of application needs. We are proud to partner with the industry’s leading manufacturers to provide high temperature fans in stock configurations  and custom designs to meet every need and challenge. We provide the best combination of quality, performance, service and value to assure the long-term efficiency and reliability of your process. Contact us to discuss your high temperature fan needs.

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Description Model CFM SPWG Max Air Stream Temp
Backward Inclined Fan BIHS up to 350,000 up to 25” 1000° F
High Temperature Plug Fan 1700° F
High Pressure Radial Open HPRL up to 140” 1200° F
High Pressure Radial Shrouded HPSL up to 140” 1200° F
Industrial Exhauster Air Handling IEAH up to 80,000 up to 45” 1200° F
Industrial Exhauster Paddle Wheel IEPW up to 80,000 up to 45” 1200° F

Daniels Fans

Daniels Fan

Description Model CFM SPWG Max Air Stream Temp
High Temperature Axial Fan AFP up to 118,000 up to 4” 1750° F
Backward Inclined Blades BIF up to 440,000 up to 40” 900° F
Forward Curved Bladed MFC up to 175,000 up to 16” 900° F
Open Paddle Wheel with Radial Blades OPB up to 145,000 up to 80” 2200° F


  • Exhausting industrial process gases and fumes
  • Air cooling and recirculation in ovens, dryers, furnaces, and kilns
  • Industrial heating and drying operation air supply

Features and Options

  • Housings, bracing, and supports allow for thermal expansion
  • Corrosion and temperature resistant materials
  • High heat option for non-insulated heavy duty fans
  • Completely insulated housings for free-standing fans
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