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Machining Process Plasma CuttingGlacier Technology has developed safe and effective custom air handling systems for a variety of machining processes. 

Protecting the health and safety of employees is a top priority in machining environments. Glacier has industry-leading air handling solutions that not only protects your employees but safeguards your equipment investments and keeps you compliant with regulatory standards. The experienced and knowledgeable Glacier experts will help you navigate the process of identifying the right air handling equipment to keep your machining processes safe, efficient, productive, and profitable.

Our experienced team has developed close relationships with the industry’s most trusted manufacturers of industrial fans, accessories, and air pollution control equipment Our solid supplier relationships allow us to offer reliable support and some of the best lead times available.

Featured Equipment

Absolent Mist Collectors

Absolent builds collectors for machining centers using either oil based coolants or water based coolants.

  • A•mist Filters – a great choice for managing oil mist from CNC machines running at moderate speed.
  • A•line Smoke Filters – equally suitable for small tough machines and machines that generate a moderate amount of oil mist into the factory.
  • A•smoke Oil Smoke Filters – well suited for CNC machines running at high speed and with a high coolant pressure. Also effective for die casting or hardening, and MQL applications.

AER Control Systems

AER Control Systems’ product line features air cleaning and media filtration technologies for various commercial applications.

  • Filters coolant mist, smoke, gas, and vapor
  • Machine mountable
  • Multiple stages of filtration

Case Studies & Information

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