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Assistance with Plans and Specifications
Assistance with Plans and Specifications 

All functions of plans and specifications are important, but contracts are the most critical.If your specification is to act as a legal contract, it must be drafted to protect yourself and your client. Glacier Technology can help engineers write plans and specifications for a variety of projects.

Learn more about Plans and Specifications

Combustible Dust Systems
Combustible Dust Systems

Glacier Technology custom designs combustible systems to address specific material and facility needs, following an in depth analysis. Each system we design includes the explosion and fire mitigation devices needed to provide compliance and protection.

Learn more about Combustible Dust Systems

Industrial Dust Testing
Dust and Mist Testing

Glacier Technology can assist you with dust and mist testing services for your materials using the latest standards and procedures.

Learn more about Dust Testing

Learn more about Mist Testing


Industrial Replacement Air Filters
Industrial Replacement Air Filters

No one has time to think about replacement air filters. But when it comes to the safety and service life of your equipment, air filter replacement is crucial. Glacier Technology has your replacement air filter needs covered.

Learn more about Replacement Air Filters


The ASHRAE Formula
The ASHRAE Formula

Why is an efficient filtration system a good financial investment for a company to make? In cold weather areas, such as the region Glacier Technology serves, the answer lies in the cost of reheating exhausted air.

Learn more about The Cost of Reheating Air


VFD Rebate
VFD Rebate

The most attractive benefit to dust collector owners is the long term energy cost savings.  Because fans are variable torque devices, the amount of energy needed to operate them varies with speed, presenting an opportunity for significant savings.  Glacier Technology can assist you in taking advantage of these cost savings and earning valuable rebates! Contact us to learn more, or download the rebate form below.

Xcel Energy Variable Speed Drive (VFDs) Rebate Application


Vocational Institution Air Quality
Vocational Institution Air Quality

Air Quality and student safety are extremely important in schools and Vo-Tech Centers.  Our equipment is suited for source capture of the fume (keeping the student safe), filtering and returning the air for energy savings. Read about one of our recent vocational school projects.

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Line Card


Glacier Line Card - February 2020


Air Pollution Control Videos

Industrial Dust Collection Videos

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Cartridge Filters for Dust Collectors

Combustible Dust

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Fan Videos

Industrial Fans for Food & Dairy Equipment

Critical Information for Proper Fan Selection

Fan Storage Recommendations

My Fan’s Not Working


For more instructional AirPro fan videos, visit the AirPro YouTube Channel.

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Combustible Dust


Rhino Drum brochure
Rhino Drum Explosion Tested Drum Kit





Fan Engineering Data



Fan Silencers



Fume Extraction


The Dangers of Diesel Exhaust
The Dangers of Diesel Exhaust
Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Systems
Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Systems
Designing Healthier Work Environment
Designing a Healthier Work Environment


Air-Port Fume Exhaust Hood
Air-Port Fume Exhaust Hood


Industrial Louvers



Life Safety Products




Mist Collectors



Portable & Central Vacuum Systems

(for Fume Extraction Welding Guns)



Pressure Blowers



Roof Exhaust Fans



Venco Product Catalog



Wet Scrubbers



Understanding & Managing Combustible Dust

Glacier Technology has developed combustible dust solutions for a wide range of businesses and organizations. In working on these projects, we found that many of our customers didn’t know that their facilities had combustible dust, and they were unaware of the solutions available to mitigate the associated risks.
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