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industrial louvers by Venco
Louvers provide positive ventilation by encouraging air to move throughout a facility. There are louvers available for an extremely broad range of applications. It is important to select the right louver construction to meet the intake air needs of the facility. In the case of industrial louver applications, heavy duty designs and materials are a necessity.

Glacier Technology offers industrial louvers available in standard and custom configurations to meet the highest degrees of performance and aesthetic appeal. Our line includes extruded aluminum or galvanized steel louvers with a variety of accessories, blade, head and sill designs to fit application needs.

Glacier Technology serves a diverse range of industries with industrial equipment engineered to meet specific needs. We are proud to partner with Venco to offer louvers in configurations to serve a wide array of applications.


  • Stationary Louvers
  • Combination Louvers
  • Adjustable Louvers
  • Wind Driven Rain Louvers
  • Penthouses
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Stationary Louvers

Stationary Extruded Aluminum Louvers
Used in applications that require intake and exhaust ventilation with moderate protection from rain and weather infiltration. Drainable and non-drainable models available.

Drainable Blades
Designed with a drainable head and drainable blades to protect air intake and exhaust openings in the building’s exterior walls by minimizing water penetration. Drain gutters are located on every blade to capture water which is dispersed to the jambs and drained out of the sill.

Non-Drainable Blades
Designed to incorporate traditional non-drainable J style blades with sloped sill. High free areas provide minimum resistance to airflow. Design incorporates hidden mullions when multi-wide sections are needed.

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Combination Louvers

Extruded Aluminum Combination Louver/Dampers
Incorporate operable and stationary blades into one common frame member. Design maintains a stationary appearance when adjustable blades are closed. A tight seal is created to prevent the passage of air.

Drainable Blades
All models include drainable stationary blades and a drainable head member. Drainable adjustable blades have either concealed blade linkage or exposed on-blade linkage. Design of VACC-6 incorporates airfoil adjustable blades for less airflow resistance.

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Adjustable Louvers

Adjustable Extruded Aluminum Operable Blade Louvers
Designed to be open or closed to protect air intake and exhaust openings in exterior building walls. Louver blades are center pivoted and can be operated manually or by any commonly specified damper actuator.

Drainable Blades
Model VAAD offer concealed blade linkage. Model VAAD-6 offers 35° blade angle.

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Wind Driven Rain Louvers

Wind Driven Rain Louvers
Minimizes water penetration through wall openings. Designed to protect air intake and exhaust openings in building exterior walls that are sensitive to the penetration of wind driven rain.

Horizontal Blades
Horizontal blades offer the traditional louver look and excellent protection against wind driven rain.

Vertical Blades
Vertical blades offer the best protection against wind driven rain although the vertical blade look is not typical.

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Louver Penthouses
Clean lines, mitered corners, all aluminum construction and removable hoods.

Low Silhouette Louvered Penthouses
Designed for intake (VLPI) or relief (VLPR) applications with either natural gravity or positive pressure systems.

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