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Glacier Technology is your source for explosion and fire mitigation solutions, including combustible dust solutions. In addition to protecting your employees and facility, you can assure your facility meets regulatory compliance requirements in your industrial dust collection systems.

Explosion and fire mitigation equipment is available from a variety of manufacturers, but not all of your options are equal. Combustible dust systems can be designed to provide proactive and reactive combustible dust solutions.  Our experienced team can guide you in selecting equipment engineered and built to provide you with confidence, so you can count on your system for safe, dependable performance.

Glacier Technology brings extensive experience and expert knowledge in not only industrial dust collection system design and development, but also experience in successfully navigating OSHA and NFPA requirements.

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  • Explosion Prevention
  • Abort Gates
  • EIV Backdraft
  • Spark Arrestors

Explosion Prevention

Spark Detection and Extinguishing SystemsSpark Detection and Extinguishing Systems

Uses inferred sensors to detect sparks in the dust collector’s main dirty air inlet duct. Immediately upon spark detection, a water mist is sprayed into the duct to extinguish the spark.



Abort Gates

High Speed Abort Gates

Abort GatesDesigned to divert process air in the event of a deflagration. They are often tied into a spark detection system to trigger when an ignition source is detected. They do not react quickly enough to be NFPA compliant as an outlet isolation device. Its primary purpose is to divert burning debris and smoke from entering the building.

EIV Backdraft

Explosion Isolation Valves / Backdraft Damper

EIV BackdraftNFPA requires the installation of an explosion isolation device on all suction side ducts that transport material with a Kst value above zero.  Installing an Explosion Isolation Valve (EIV) will protect workers and facilities from the damaging effects of a baghouse or cartridge filter explosion.  Glacier Technology offers a wide variety of industrial dampers suited to a variety of heavy duty air control applications. Our dampers are available in corrosion resistant stainless steel construction, or high temperature heat resistant alloys.

Spark Arrestors

Industrial Spark Arrestors

Spark ArrestorsSpark arrestors extinguish sparks & burning embers and can prevent fires and explosions. Drop down clean-out door helps eliminate dust build up and explosion risk.

  • Heavy duty, fully welded construction
  • No maintenance, no water required, no moving parts
  • Easy install into any system, horizontal or vertical configurations
  • Carbon steel or stainless steel available
  • AVAILABLE IN SIZES: 6in – 40in

Is Your Facility At Risk?

Combustible Dust is a Serious & Often Overlooked Problem

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