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VEX Project Phase TwoGlacier Technology is experienced and equipped to serve a variety of transportation related applications, from mass transit stations to small auto repair shops. We represent the industry’s most trusted manufacturers of industrial fans, accessories, and air pollution control equipment. Our solid supplier relationships allow us to provide expert support and some of the best lead times available on essential equipment.

Our team has developed a wide range of custom solutions for transportation including:

  • Source capture fume and exhaust solutions
  • Shop ventilation and climate control
  • Combustible dust management and safety accessories

Featured Equipment

Eurovac Central Vacuum Systems

Eliminate sanding and grinding dust and cover your housekeeping needs with a Eurovac  Industrial Portable Vacuum System.

  • Long lasting, low maintenance
  • Cyclonic filtration removes 99% of dust before secondary filter
  • HEPA filtration

Plymovent Vehicle Exhaust Removal 

The PlymoVent Exhaust Hose Reel Line is designed to meet every exhaust extraction need in today’s modern vehicle repair shop. The line ranges from low budget solutions to unique heavy duty applications.

  • Spring Operated
  • Motorized – Standard-Duty and Heavy-Duty
  • Energy-Saving Automatic Control Systems
  • Fans, Hoses, Nozzles, and Accessories

Case Studies

Glacier Develops Eurovac Centralized Clean Air Solution for O&M Metro Transit Operation

Custom Vehicle Exhaust Removal System for Wisconsin Heavy Equipment Repair Shop

Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Solutions Ensure Clean Air in the Work Environment

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