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Ensuring Clean Air in Vehicle Service and Maintenance Areas

Capturing vehicle exhaust at the source is the most effective means for managing the hazards of vehicle exhaust fumes. Removing vehicle exhaust not only provides a more pleasant work environment, the health and safety of employees is improved dramatically. Glacier Technology will assist you with the installation of Plymovent vehicle exhaust removal solution that is suited to your specific environment.

  • Small working areas (up to 10 feet) – Spring return hose systems
  • Medium working areas (up to 20 feet) – Source capture exhaust extraction systems
  • Large working areas (15-30 feet) – Flexible systems to serve multiple bays using motorized hose reels
  • Unlimited working areas – Expandable system with exhaust hose sliding on a rail

Our vehicle exhaust removal systems can be made out of a number of different products, depending on your requirements. Whether you need a complete vehicle exhaust removal system installed, or want to install it yourself, Glacier Technology will design a system that meets your specific needs and challenges. Our team is ready to help you with knowledgeable guidance to bring the best performance and value to your project.

  • Products
  • Exhaust Hose Reels
  • Applications
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  • Hoses and Hose Drops
  • Nozzles
  • Safety Disconnect Handle
  • Balancer
  • Exhaust Extraction
  • Fans
  • DraftRescue


Exhaust Hose Reels

The PlymoVent Exhaust Hose Reel Line is designed to meet every exhaust extraction need in today’s modern vehicle repair shop. The line ranges from low budget solutions to unique heavy duty applications.

  • Spring Operated
  • Motorized – Standard-Duty and Heavy-Duty
  • Energy-Saving Automatic Control Systems
  • Fans, Hoses, Nozzles, and Accessories



  • Bus/Truck Repair
  • Auto Repair
  • Fire and Emergency Vehicle Service Stations
  • Farm Equipment Repair
  • Military Facilities
  • Motocycle/ATV Repair
  • Tech Schools and Colleges
  • Small Workshops