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Efficient Clean Air Solutions for Health and Compliance

Fume extraction systems protect industrial work environments that are continuously subjected to dangerous fumes and gases. Glacier Technology offers a variety of source capture methods, including:  Plymovent Fume Extractor Arms, Plymovent Overhead hoods, and Aer Control Systems backdraft hoods.  Depending on your application, the design would include fume extractor arms and whole shop weld fume extraction systems to effectively manage fumes and smoke from processes such as:

  • Welding
  • Grinding
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Laser Cutting

Best Cleaning Efficiency and Longest Life

Our fume extraction systems are complete custom built systems, engineered to meet specific needs. We thoroughly study your facility and processes to develop the most effective fume extraction system solution for you. Our complete fume extraction system solutions can include:

  • Wet and Dry Collectors for Combustible Dust
  • Cartridge Collectors and Filters
  • Ambient Capture Systems
  • Source Capture Systems
  • Fume Extraction Arms

Drawing on the benefit of our extensive knowledge and industry experience, we are able to develop virtually any fume collector solution to custom fit your location. We can assist you with diagnostics, air flow measurement, and air testing, while providing comprehensive project management, including coordination with contractors to complete the installation.

Glacier Technology is proud to partner with Imperial Systems, AER Control and PlymoVent to provide industrial fume extraction equipment to address a wide variety of shop conditions. Contact us to discuss your fume extraction system needs.

  • Imperial Systems
  • AER Control
  • Plymovent
  • Eurovac
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Imperial Systems


Air-Port Weld Fume Extraction



Air-Port Fume Exhaust Hood

  • Two-person install in under an hour
  • Pre-installed duct in legs and cross beams
  • Optional integrated Spark Trap available
  • Two-legged design means a smaller footprint
  • Concave hood design contains smoke and fumes
  • Dampers for easy air flow adjustment
  • Designed for most types of welding






CMAXX-laser-cutting-fume-extractorCMAXX Laser Fume System

  • Space Saving – Low Profile Design, Small Footprint
  • Vertical Cartridge Design – Longer Filter Life
  • Best in Class – Internal Velocities are 20% Lower
  • Military Grade Door Latches. No Truck Trailer Hardware
  • 15 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Lowest Internal Velocities from a Larger Housing – Longest Filter Life
  • Graphite Industrial Enamel: Corrosive Resistant Paint; Inside and Outside
  • Energy Efficient, High-Performance Manifold Mounted Pulse Valves – Increased Cleaning Power
  • Tool-free, Heavy Duty Filter Door – Less Service Time
  • Modular Design – No External Bolts on Dirty Air Plenum – Less Chance for Water and Air Leaks
  • Heavy Duty 7 & 10 Gauge Construction; Nickel Plated Hardware
  • Air Pressure Gauge on Compressed Air Manifold
  • High Efficiency – Cleaner Plant Air
  • PD Technology – Up to Twice the Filter Life
  • Factory Assembled Air Header and Top Section – In Most Cases, Hopper and Legs Ship Disassembled
  • No Internal Frame on Dirty Air Plenum – Fewer Internal Ledges for Material to Build Up


AER Control




Weld Fume Filtration Units

Various filtration units include many types of filters and HEPA designed to remove oily smoke.  Filtration units are specifically designed to mitigate and control low to heavy levels of smoke contaminants produced during manufacturing processes.

  • Horizontal Cartridge Filtration (HCF Series)
  • Small Portable Cartridge (SPC Series)
  • Vertical Cartridge Filtration (VCF Series)
  • Vertical Small Cartridge Filtration (VSCF)
  • Powered Downdraft Table (APB Series)
  • Power Booth Module (PBM Series)
  • Remote Downdraft Table (RDDB Series)
  • Twin Draft Welding and Grinding Booth



MobilePro Self-Cleaning Fume Extractor

  • Stable mobile unit
  • 2 Swivel castors for easy movement
  • Extraction arm reach of 2-4 meters
  • Ergonomic handlebar/toolholder
  • SilentFlowTM sound absorbing box
  • Self-cleaning Ram-AirTM pulse amplifier
  • Can be combined with the EconomyArm and KUA extraction arms



Eurovac logo
Portable and Central Vacuum Systems

Glacier Technology designs and supplies these effective and efficient alternative vacuum systems, which supply the vacuum power that is used in conjunction with Binzel Fume Extraction Welding Guns.


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