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Glacier Technology represents the leading manufacturers of industrial fans and equipment for industrial air filtration and pollution control. We have forged strong relationships with the industry’s leading suppliers, and serve as the exclusive representative for our main product lines. We have won numerous awards from our vendors over the years, recognizing our strengths in sales growth, technical expertise and customer service.

  • Fans and Accessories
  • Air Pollution Control

Fans and Accessories

AirPro Fan & Blower Company

AirPro Fan & Blower Company

AirPro designs and manufactures industrial-duty centrifugal fans and blowers to move process and material-laden air.

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Cincinnati Fan & Ventilator Co.

Cincinnati Fan & Ventilator Co.

Cincinnati Fan & Ventilator Co. manufactures superior quality centrifugal fans with up to 125 HP and 10 to 20 day shipment.

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Daniels Fans

Daniels Fans

Daniels Fans manufactures industrial duty high temp fans for operating temperatures up to 2200°F (1200°C).

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National Turbine

National Turbine

Known throughout industry for producing the highest quality air and gas handling systems, National Turbine is customer focused and works to meet the needs of customers with dependable and innovative products.

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VAW Systems

VAW Systems

VAW Systems Ltd. is among the industry’s leading sources for noise control equipment to meet the needs of noise control systems, applications, and markets.

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Venco produces exceptional quality ventilation products and accessories, providing solutions to increase the comfort level and productivity of your workforce.

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Air Pollution Control

Absolent Logo


Absolent develops clean air solutions for metalworking, die casting, cold forming, welding, and other processes that generate oil mist, oil smoke and dust.

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Diversitech is a technology leader in air filtration and dust collection. Capture-at-source equipment that is easy-to-use, easier-to-service, and powerful enough to return truly clean air.

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AER Control Systems

AER Control Systems

AER Control Systems offers a comprehensive line of air filtration equipment solutions that exceed all OSHA and EPA requirements.

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Eurovac specializes in dust and fume extraction systems. Products include portable and central high vacuum systems, as well as a complete line of tubing and fittings, vacuum hoses, source capture sanding and cleaning tools.

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Fike supplies customers worldwide with products and services that provide protection from dangers such as fire, explosion and over-pressurization.

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Imperial Systems

Imperial Systems is a leading dust collection equipment manufacturer in North America specializing in custom industrial dust collection systems with the strongest, most durable, fabrication to meet customer needs.

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US Duct

Proudly established in 2013 as an American owned and operated ductwork manufacturer, US Duct is entirely structured to provide the best in service and delivery.

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Masterduct develops innovative hose products for industrial applications primarily for high-heat applications, abrasive materials conveyance, vehicular exhaust source-capture, and chemical fume environments.

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Plymovent provides a broad range of workplace environments with clean air with solutions for indoor air pollution created by welding fumes and vehicle emissions.

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Scientific Dust Collector Logo

Scientific Dust Collector

Scientific Dust Collectors manufactures a full line of baghouse dust collectors to meet the needs of a variety of operations. Baghouse Dust Collectors are ideally suited to capture dusts that are larger or more difficult to clean.

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Sternvent has over 50 years of experience in the design, manufacture, and application of dust and mist collection systems, Sternvent products solve indoor air quality problems and help satisfy OSHA, fire department and insurance company safety requirements.

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