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Optimal Efficiency and Performance for Every Need and Budget

Glacier Technology designs industrial vacuum systems to meet application demands and provide optimal vacuum performance in all types of industrial facilities. We engineer and install industrial vacuum systems for point source capture of industrial dusts and meeting general housekeeping needs.

  • Cyclonic filtration removes 99% of dust before the secondary filter
  • Secondary cartridge filter cleaned by compressed air pulse jet cleaning for minimal maintenance
  • Pumps range from 2.5 HP to 100 HP
  • On/Off feature – Micro switch turns system on and off when hose is plugged into inlet
  • Optional: Automatic pulse cleaning system, leg mounted stand, HEPA filtration, brushless motor

Glacier Technology is proud to offer Eurovac industrial vacuum systems, as well as all necessary tubing, fittings, elbows, cleaning tools and hose as required to meet OSHA requirements for a clean, safe work environment.

Whether you need a complete system installed, or want to install it yourself, Glacier Technology will design a system that meets your specific needs and challenges. Our team is ready to help you with knowledgeable guidance to bring the best performance and value to your project.

  • Portable
  • Central System
  • Accessories
  • Install Yourself
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Eliminate sanding and grinding dust and cover your housekeeping needs with a Eurovac  Industrial Portable Vacuum System.

  • Long lasting, low maintenance
  • Cyclonic filtration removes 99% of dust before secondary filter
  • HEPA filtration


  • Sanding, Grinding, Housekeeping
  • Explosion Proof & Pneumatic
  • Welding Systems


Central System

Central vacuum cleaners provide the ultimate in cleaning power, indoor air quality benefits, and convenience. Systems range from single operator use to multi-operator full plant coverage. All systems are custom developed to meet your specific needs.

  • Centrifugal multi-stage pump systems
  • Regenerative blower systems
  • 5HP and 5HP central vacuum systems


  • Industrial
  • Body Shop
  • Woodworking
  • Aerospace
  • Detail
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Boatbuilding
  • Transit
  • Military



Vacuum Cleaning Kits

Our Eurovac kits include industrial vacuum accessories to use in the shop, plant, or office areas for easy and efficient cleaning. Kits include vacuum hose, connectors, and attachment tools, and are available in packages specifically designed for either the office or shop.

Vacuum Tools & Attachments

We offer a broad range of vacuum tools to suit every vacuum system application need. Our vacuum tools and industrial cleaning accessories include:

  • Fileboards
  • Vacuum-Assist Hand Sanders
  • Rotary Sanders
  • Grinder Shrouds
  • Routers
  • Welding Attachment
  • Guards to fit existing sanders and grinders


Install Yourself

While Glacier Technology installs complete industrial vacuum system solutions, our team can also design a system for  you or your project contractor to install. We apply our knowledge, experience, and expertise in developing a comprehensive plan that includes duct, vacuum drops, airlines, hoses – everything you need to install a complete system that meets your clean air needs, compliance requirements, and your budget.

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