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Pharmaceutical Lab with Air Clean EquipmentGlacier Technology has developed clean air solutions that provide safe and hygienic environments for pharmaceutical applications.

Our team understands the strict requirements for these applications as well as the need for efficient and cost effective solutions. We offer innovative air handling equipment that safeguards sensitive environments, protects equipment investments, and keeps your processes compliant with regulatory standards. We balance all application needs by designing custom systems with the best in industry-leading equipment.

As experienced representatives of the industry’s most trusted manufacturers of industrial fans, accessories, and air pollution control equipment, we are equipped and capable of developing reliable solutions. We’ve worked hard to build strong supplier relationships to provide reliable support and some of the best lead times available.

Featured Equipment

Imperial CMAXX Cartridge Dust Collector

The CMAXX Cartridge Dust Collector is designed to return clean air back into the environment, eliminating the costs associated with make-up air.

  • Vertical cartridge design (cross flow)
  • Powder coat painted (inside, out)
  • No external bolts
  • 15 year warranty
  • Heavy duty construction (7 & 10 gauge)
  • Easy 3 piece assembly

Plymovent Exhaust Hose Reels 

The PlymoVent Exhaust Hose Reel Line is designed to meet every exhaust extraction need in today’s modern vehicle repair shop. The line ranges from low budget solutions to unique heavy duty applications.

  • Spring Operated
  • Motorized – Standard-Duty and Heavy-Duty
  • Energy-Saving Automatic Control Systems
  • Fans, Hoses, Nozzles, and Accessories

Plymovent Extractor Arms 

LM-2 “Junior Arm” is a compact telescopic extraction arm designed specifically for schools, small working booths and areas with a low ceiling. 

  • Ideal for bench working
  • Telescopic space saver
  • Reach 1.0 m-2.0 m

MiniMan-100 is the high performance solution for dust and fume applications.

  • Clear-thru, totally free from internal mechanisms
  • Reach of 1.5 m-2.1 m

Case Studies & Information

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