Reliable High Pressure Air Flow for a Variety of Processes

Glacier Technology is your source for high pressure blowers, durably constructed from the best materials to meet application requirements and provide optimal performance. Features include spark resistance, rotatable housings, and easy maintenance.

  • Multi-stage units up to 15 psig
  • Centrifugal blowers up to 140” wc
  • High static efficiency up to 70%
  • Surge-less design for smooth operation

Glacier Technology is the upper Midwest source for air handling systems for a variety of facilities and industries. As the area’s specialist in air moving applications and equipment, we work with the best names in high pressure blower equipment and offer extensive experience in working with high pressure blower technology. Whatever the application, Glacier Technology will assist you in addressing all considerations while developing a high pressure blower system that will dependably and efficiently meet all requirements.

  • Cincinnati Fan
  • AirPro
  • National Turbine
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Cincinnati Fan

DescriptionModelCFMSPWGMax Air Stream Temp
Heavy Duty Backward Inclined BlowersHDBIup to 51,965up to 41”750° F
Radial Blade ExhausterRBEup to 22,528up to 41”750° F
Heavy Duty Airfoil BlowersHDAFup to 48,551up to 21”750° F
Square Backward Inclined BlowersSQBIup to 28,141up to 23”750° F
Square Airfoil BlowersSQAFup to 27,985up to 17”750° F
Centrifugal Plug FansCPFup to 26,992up to 25”800° F
Airfoil Plug FansCPAFup to 28,600up to 18”800° F
Pressure BlowersPBup to 4,500up to 20”400° F
Fabricated Steel Pressure BlowersPBSup to 4,462up to 20”750° F
Stamped Steel Pressure BlowersSPBup to 4,075up to 18”400° F
High Pressure Radial BlowersHP Series Iup to 1,200up to 30”400° F
High Pressure Radial BlowersHP Series IIup to 7,000up to 78”750° F
Cast Aluminum Volume BlowersLM & LMFup to 2,000up to 4”300° F


DescriptionModelCFMSPWGMax Air Stream Temp
Backward Curved FanBCHSup to 300,000up to 40”1000° F
Backward Inclined FanBIHSup to 350,000up to 25”1000° F
High Pressure Radial OpenHPRLup to 140”1200° F
High Pressure Radial ShroudedHPSLup to 140”1200° F
High Temperature Plug Fan1700° F
Industrial Exhauster Air HandlingIEAHup to 80,000up to 45”1200° F
Industrial Exhauster Paddle WheelIEPWup to 80,000up to 45”1200° F
Industrial Exhauster Radial ShroudedIERSup to 150,000up to 60”1000° F
Industrial Exhauster Trim HandlingIETWup to 80,000up to 45”1200° F
Radial Tipped FanRTHSup to 250,000up to 36”1000° F

National Turbine

ModelVolume in SCFM
NT225 Series75-300
NT331 Series Direct Drive0-300
NT331 Series Belt Drive100-450
NT541 Series150-900
NT551 Series300-1100
NT552 Series300-1500
NT553 Series500-2300
NT881 Series600-2800
NT882 Series700-3200
NT883 Series800-5000
NT884 Series800-5000
NT1221 Series1500-6000
NT1222 Series2000-7500
NT1223 Series2000-11000
NT1226 Series2000-7500
NT1441 Series6000-13000
M24B Series – Inlet Driven
M24B Series – Outlet Driven
M30B Series – Single Stage
M30B Series – Inlet Driven
M30B Series – Outlet Driven
M36 Series – Inlet Driven