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Glacier Technology is the Upper Midwest’s Source for US Duct Products

US Duct

US Duct provides a comprehensive line of standard and special fabricated industrial ducting, including galvanized ductwork, stainless steel ductwork, and carbon steel. They are also fully equipped to provide custom galvanized and stainless steel ductwork to suit specific needs.

In order to satisfy a diverse range of customer needs, US Duct offers a wide range of options beyond stainless steel ductwork. For instance, we offer products in a variety of sizes beginning at 3”. Our options for gauges range from 24 GA to 3/16” thickness.

In addition to providing all of these options, we ensure that you receive every component that you need from us. We offer a full range of standard and special design products. We can also supply you with all types of joining methods, including flanges, raw ends, airtight clamp-connect tubing, and rolled-lip (clamp together) ducting.

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