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Absolent Mist Collector_Choosing Mist CollectorMany machining operations are not compliant with indoor air quality regulations and the facility managers do not even realize it. Fines are not the only problem they face.

The health and safety of those who work in the shop are in jeopardy, and the equipment they use could be compromised. When fluids are used during metalworking and machining processes, they generate airborne mists. Industrial mist deposits collect on work surfaces, machinery, and floors. If left unchecked, accumulation of these industrial mists can lead to:  

  • Serious health problems for workers 
  • Slippery floors causing falls and serious injuries
  • Need for costly machine repairs 
  • Premature equipment failure
  • Fire risk with oily ceilings

The best way to keep your shop safe and in regulatory compliance is a mist collection system designed for your specific application. 

3 Key Mist Collector Questions to Consider

The Glacier Technology team has had extensive experience assisting companies in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Wisconsin with mist collection and other clean air solutions. Here are 3 key questions about mist collection we ask customers to consider:

1. What are My Mist Collection Needs?

Choosing the right industrial mist collection system for your shop requires careful consideration of a variety of factors. Here are some steps to take in determining the type of mist collection that will meet your needs:

  • Identify the types of pollutants
  • Assess the mist generation source
  • Understand airflow requirements
  • Determine the collection method
  • Consider filtration efficiency
  • Evaluate maintenance requirements
  • Budget and space constraints

Absolent Oil Mist Filter

Consider consulting with an industrial ventilation expert in your region. The Glacier team can provide specific recommendations based on your needs and regulatory requirements in your area. We also offer you the benefit of valuable insights about what works and what does not in shops like yours.

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2. Is My Existing Mist Collector Working Properly?

In our experience we have found many machine and metalworking shop managers have mist collectors that just are not getting the job done. They assume, and rightly so, that they have purchased a machine and the oil mist problems should be solved. But some systems just move air around without properly filtering it, which does not solve any problems. This might not be true because the mist collector:

  • Is not right for the job
  • Was improperly sized
  • Was incorrectly installed
  • Does not have adequate filter media
  • Has not been properly maintained

What is the best way to know if your mist collector is working? TESTING, TESTING, TESTING. Glacier Technology can provide industrial mist testing at your facility to determine if your mist collector is delivering the clean air you need in your shop.

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3. Are All Mist Collectors the Same?

The Glacier Technology team has found that in most metal shop applications, Absolent mist collectors offer an innovative approach to oil mist that is more effective than competing designs. Absolent mist collectors work by: 

  • Drawing tiny drops of oil mist from the air stream
  • Coalescing them into larger drops for collection
  • Collected oil mist is drained to prevent clogging
  • Air contaminated by oil mist and/or oil smoke passes through filtration
  • Large, heavy oil particles are collected and reclaimed

The Absolent filter unit is designed for 24/7 operation so there is no need for downtime to drain or clean the cassettes. Systems are custom designed with filter cassettes to meet the specific requirements of the application. The Absolent filtration process always ends with a HEPA filter class H13, which ensures that the air is 99,97% free from harmful particles larger or equal to 0,3 microns.

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