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Baghouse Fan EfficiencyDust collection applications depend on industrial fans to do the work of moving dust-laden air. In baghouse dust collectors, that air needs to move past the filters, so system pressure varies, depending on the amount of dust on the filters. Proper adjustment of the fan speed is necessary to reduce power consumption. Correct placement of the systems pressure gauge is also a key factor.

Baghouses contain filters to collect dust from the air as the fan is pulling or pushing it through the system. As these filters get dirtier over time, resistance increases, and a higher fan speed is required to move the air through the filters. In many cases, a variable frequency drive (VFD) is used to control the fan speed. The VFD is often operated from the control room based on a loop analyzing system pressure. This means that the placement of the pressure gauge will greatly affect the fan’s level of efficiency.

AirPro Fan & Blower Company, one of Glacier Technology’s key fan suppliers, has noted that placing the pressure gauge at the INLET of a baghouse is ideal for achieving optimal fan efficiency. Putting the pressure gauge at the INLET maintains a constant level at that point, alling the fan speed to fluctuate up or down as needed, depending on the condition of the filters.

AirPro offers a wide selection of robust fan designs suitable for clean air and dust loading applications. Glacier Technology has extensive experience in developing comprehensive dust collection applications, including baghouse dust collector systems. In addition to offering the benefit of supplier relationships with industry leading fan companies like AirPro, Glacier offers you the advantage of partnerships with the industry’s best industrial dust collection equipment manufacturers. 

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