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OSHACombustible dust is a topic we talk about often on The Glacier Edge. That is because combustible dust is an extremely important problem in the workplace that can result in devastating consequences if not effectively managed with a proper combustible dust system.

What is combustible dust?

Currently, OSHA defines it as “any combustible particulate solid that presents a fire or deflagration hazard when suspended in air or some other oxidizing medium over a range of concentrations, regardless of particle size or shape.” 

It used to be that particle size was a determining factor, but today identification can be much less obvious. That is why combustible dust testing is necessary.

The current standard rule for combustible dust is:

8 cu.– As the standard reads 7.13. 1.3 is inclusive of all air-material separators where an explosion hazard exists. – This includes air-material separators handling combustible dust with volumes less than 8 cubic feet, and equal to or greater than 8 cubic feet.

A Cost Effective Solution for Combustible Dust

Looking at this standard and the results of your testing, you may determine that you need a system to address combustible dust. While the widely held perception of these systems is that they are too complicated and costly to add, the truth is, it is too costly not to have a combustible dust solution, and also, there is a solution that may not be as complicated and expensive as you think.

AER Controls Small Portable Collector

The AER Control Systems Small Portable Cartridge (SPC Series) will allow a cartridge collector to be used in applications with combustible dust with minimal costly accessories. The SPC 1000 and SPC 2000 meet the requirement of volume in the collector with additional safety precautions including:

  • Aluminum Non-Sparking Blower Wheel and Cone
  • Aluminum Non-Sparking Cartridge Filter Deflector
  • Aluminum Dust Drawer
  • Explosion Proof Wiring
  • NEMA 7/9 Manual Motor Starters
  • XP Motor Upgrade
  • Ground Wire on Cartridge
  • Grounding Reel Mounted on Outside of Unit for Static Charge Grounding

The concept in the design of this unit is to try to reduce or eliminate any sparks from being created inside the dust collector.

AER Control Systems Cartridge Collector for Combustible Dust

The SPC Series is mainly designed to be used as a portable weld fume dust collector with the use of one or two extraction arms.  By removing the arm and adding either the downdraft table or backdraft hood, the SPC can collect a variety of dust.

While portable by design, the SPC Series can also be mounted for stationary use. The SPC 1000 can handle up to 1000 cfm and the SPC 2000 handles up to 2000 cfm.  Our team will design a blower package to meet your specific fan duty applications.  Units are available in manual pulse and automatic pulse cartridge. 

For the application that requires thinking outside the traditional box of dust collectors and combustible dust systems, this product can help you achieve your objectives. We have seen thousands of dollars in savings as compared to traditional cartridge collectors.  

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