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Outdoor Demonstration Combustible Dust ExplosionCombustible dust is a serious workplace hazard that is far more common than most people realize. Despite rigorous NFPA regulations, dangerous and noncompliant systems and environments often go ignored. If combustible dust is overlooked or not properly managed, the consequences can be disastrous and deadly.

Dependable combustible dust safety solutions are available, but the responsibility lies with facility managers to be proactive and responsible. The first step toward mitigating combustible dust risks is understanding the problem.

Dealing with Combustible Dust Begins with Knowledge

Combustible Dust eBookThe Glacier team has developed reliable solutions for containing and/or eliminating combustible dust hazards for a wide range of facilities. Through these experiences, we have found that many of our customers were unaware of the fact that their facility had combustible dust and did not know about the solutions available to manage the associated risks. 

In order to educate more facility managers on the topic of combustible dust, we have developed a free eBook, Understanding & Managing Combustible Dust – Your Guide to Maintaining Safe and Compliant Systems. This digital publication covers what you need to know about combustible dust, including:

  • How to know if you have combustible dust
  • Understanding NFPA regulations
  • Passive and active combustible dust solutions
  • An illustrated combustible dust system

At Glacier Technology, we are passionate about the topic of combustible dust because it is a serious risk that is far too overlooked, and seriously underestimated. Systems that lack the proper safeguards for combustible dust ignition can result in consequences ranging from fines for noncompliance to devastating explosions and loss of life.

Take the first step in mitigating your risk by downloading our free guide.

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