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When Glacier Technology was approached by a Minnesota manufacturer who was in need of a system to manage combustible dust, our team’s knowledge and experience had us ready for the challenge. This particular operation involves the extensive use of materials that are both abrasive and combustible, so the process needed a dust collection system that involved protection measures at multiple process levels.

CMAXX Combustible Dust Installation

Advanced Safety Equipment Provides Multiple Safeguards

The new combustible dust compliant system designed by the Glacier team features an Imperial CMAXX dust collector at the heart of the system. The CMAXX is equipped with multiple safety devices for maximum protection:

  • Rotary airlocks –  on the hoppers to protect the waste outlets
  • Flameless/explosion vent – isolates deflagration in the event of an internal explosion, which is important because there was no outdoor venting available near the system.
  • EIV (explosion isolation valve) – on the collection points that go into the collector fasting acting valve that keeps potential explosion from traveling through ductwork
  • Abrasion resistant inlet – makes a 90 degree turn to slow down the dirty air as it enters the filter.
  • VFD (variable frequency drive) controller – everything ties into the controller, which  automatically shuts down entire system if any of the above are activated

The system ductwork features US Duct welded seam, rolled lip duct. The heavier grade metal and smooth wall of this duct is well suited for the abrasive materials involved in this process.

CMAXX Combustible Dust Installation

Your Experienced Combustible Dust Application Team

Combustible Dust Ebook CoverThe Glacier team has developed dependable, cost-effective solutions for containing and/or eliminating combustible dust hazards for a wide range of facilities. Through these experiences, we have found that many of our customers were unaware of the fact that their facility had combustible dust and did not know about the solutions available to manage the associated risks. 

In order to educate more facility managers on the topic of combustible dust, we now offer a free eBook, Understanding & Managing Combustible Dust – Your Guide to Maintaining Safe and Compliant Systems. We welcome you to download this free guide. When you are ready to discuss your application, please contact us. Our mission is to keep as many businesses as possible safe and compliant!

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