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The Glacier team was asked to put our expertise to work when a food processing company needed a combustible dust solution for the production of protein powder. Drawing on our extensive line of explosion and fire mitigation products, and our extensive experience in developing combustible dust management solutions, we were able to serve this customer with effective and fully compliant systems for two of their production locations.

CMAXX and Multiple Equipment Safeguards Manage Combustible Food Dust

Food powders created in food processing are highly combustible dust and require multiple layers for safe and reliable management. When the customer had their dust tested, the KST value revealed that an air handling system upgrade was needed to achieve facility safety and compliance.

CMAXX Dust Collector Equipped with Combustible Dust Explosion Protection Equipment
CMAXX Dust Collector Equipped with Combustible Dust Explosion Protection Equipment

Our team designed a combustible dust compliant system centered around an outdoor-installed Imperial CMAXX dust collector for each location. The system we installed equips the CMAXX with multiple safety devices for maximum protection:

  • Explosion Vent – provides a pressure relief in the event of an explosion
  • IDA (In-line deflagration arrester) – Combining the CMAXX with IDA DeltaMAXX filters eliminates the need for expensive after filters.
  • EIV (explosion isolation valve) – on the collection points that go into the collector fasting acting valve that keeps potential explosion from traveling through ductwork
  • Rhino Drum – drum kit meets standards for NFPA 69/654, does not require wiring, no moving parts, no maintenance
  • VFD (variable frequency drive) controller – if any of the combustible dust items are activated, it automatically shut off the fan

Glacier Technology is the Dependable Team for Combustible Dust Solutions

Glacier Technology has designed reliable, cost-effective solutions for containing and/or eliminating combustible dust hazards for a broad variety of facilities. Our mission is to help facilities manage combustible dust safely with compliant systems. We are ready to assist you – please contact us.

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