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AirPro Fan LogoGlacier Technology is proud to partner with AirPro Fan & Blower Company to offer an extensive line of quality industrial-duty centrifugal fans and blowers. While the AirPro name is known for reliability, we find that many of our customers do not know that AirPro backs every product it makes with a 3-Year Gold Standard Warranty.

Why the Gold Standard Warranty is Important to You

The typical warranty for most industrial fans is less than 12 months from installation or 18 months from shipment. AirPro Fan WarrantyAirPro believes in committing to a higher standard because the fans and blowers they make consistently outperform that length of time. AirPro wants you to be as confident as they are, so they place their exceptional warranty on every fan they design and build.

When you choose AirPro fans and blowers for your processed air applications, you can count on dependable performance that will keep you moving and assure you are profitable. You have a full 3-year warranty period guarantee, with repair and retrofit experience and expertise when you need it.

AirPro is the Choice for Reliable Fans and Blowers

AirPro engineers and builds reliable industrial fans and blowers to move air in a wide range of environments including hot, cold, dirty, clean, abrasive, and corrosive. The extensive AirPro product line includes backward inclined fans, backward curved fans, centrifugal radial tipped fans, material handling fans and blowers, high pressure blowers, and more. 

AirPro Fan Assortment

AirPro is committed to quality materials and manufacturing practices. Glacier is your source for AirPro industrial fans and blowers in both custom and pre-engineered designs, as well as comprehensive and uncompromising service.


Ready to learn more about the advantages of AirPro products? Contact Glacier Technology to discuss your project.

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