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Safety is a top priority in today’s industrial work environment. If your work environment involves processes that result in industrial dust, you may be in search of dust collectors that are OSHA compliant. OSHA does not presently regulate the function of a dust collector with a specific standard, though it does put forth standards for the amount of dust that can be allowed to accumulate within a facility. It also has a program for addressing issues relating to combustible dust.

The National Emphasis Program for combustible dust allows OSHA inspectors to investigate facilities that might have dust problems. The only standard OSHA has pertaining to how dust needs to be removed is the General Duty Clause. It mandates that employers take all reasonable precautions to protect workers from harm.

While technically you will not find dust collectors that are OSHA compliant, there are NFPA standards that should be met. Many insurance companies and local regulations apply NFPA as their legal standard. OSHA may also apply NFPA standards to determine if facilities with combustible dust are providing a safe environment.

Imperial Systems CMAXX Dust Collectors Are Safer By Design

The Imperial Systems CMAXX Dust Collector is easily equipped with proper safety features to meet NFPA requirements for combustible dust. This may include explosion vent panels, abort gates, explosion isolation valves, spark traps, and fire suppression. 

OSHA Compliant Dust Collection

The CMAXX is also safer by design. Their railed platform and ladder system addresses maintenance safe concerns during filter changes. This unique safety option tethers the employee to prevent falls, a far safer alternative to grab bars or cages alone.

Additional Imperial Systems’ safety accessories include:

  • Vertically Mounted Filters to Prevent Dust Accumulation
  • Lock-Out Doors
  • BIBO (Bag-In, Bag-Out) Containment Systems
  • Safety Monitoring Filters 
  • Cast Rotary Airlocks

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