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The Franklin Metro Transit operation in Minneapolis, Minnesota conducts maintenance and repair activities on light rail vehicles and track systems. When the facility needed to expand, they contacted the Glacier team for assistance with developing a clean air system for the new repair bay. Having worked with Glacier before, Metro Transit knew they could depend on our team to deliver a safe, effective, and compliant system.

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New Transit Vehicle Repair Bay with 10 Workstations

The Minneapolis transit vehicles endure an enormous amount of abuse due to the harsh winters experienced in Minnesota. Frequent repairs and maintenance are essential for protecting the vehicles and ensuring their ability to function properly. Maintenance and repair work entails operations like buffing and grinding, which generate a significant amount of dust that is combustible. The new repair facility would need a system to keep the 10 workstations and the ambient air safe and clean.

Transit O&M Facility Equipped with Eurovac Centralized Vacuum

Eurovac Centralized Vacuum System Provides the Ideal Solution

Glacier frequently works with Eurovac to develop dependable, efficient, and effective clean air solutions for shop and garage applications. A Eurovac high vacuum, low volume system offered the ideal option for this installation. In addition to providing the vacuum power needed, air filtration could be easily and inexpensively added, with overall low maintenance costs. Particularly beneficial in Minnesota, the filtered air could also be returned into the building, eliminating the need for very expensive air make-up systems.

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Integrated Tools and Lines with Dependable Suction Power

At the heart of the Eurovac vacuum system is a heavy duty pump that is engineered to run continuously, day after day, with very little maintenance. The central vacuum powers the 10 workstations with individual hose reels, equipped with a wide range of cleaning tools and wands for both wet and dry pick-up. The system even has Eurovac branded grinders that integrate with the vacuum hose for highly effective source capture.

A variable frequency drive (VDF) on the central vacuum, and VFDs on each reel optimize the system’s efficiency and also minimize system wear and tear. User-friendly controls are located at the individual workstations, and each station always has the power it needs, from the beginning of the 175 foot line to its end. High pressure steel pipe was installed to reliably duct the entire system.

Safe and Effective Combustible Dust Management Built In

To manage the combustible dust involved with grinding and other operations, the high pressure vacuum system is also fitted with air filtration equipment and NFPA approved safety devices. The unit has a cyclone collector to capture large particles and a cartridge collector to manage fine dust.

Glacier Coordinates Entire Project from Design to Training

The Glacier team worked closely with Eurovac engineers to design and customize this installation for the Franklin O&M. Glacier also provided the necessary training for the stations’ operators. 

The installation has been in operation for a month now, and everyone is very pleased with the results. 


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