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Vocational School Weld Fume CollectionGlacier Provides Minneapolis Area High School Welding Program with a Weld Fume Ventilation Solution

Glacier Technology was contacted by a local Minneapolis area high school that needed a system designed and installed for a newly approved welding shop program.  The school was faced with a huge obstacle because the program was scheduled to start in 30 days and without proper ventilation for the classroom, the students would not be able to do any actual welding. Since having the students only study from welding books was not an acceptable option, a proper ventilation was needed quickly.

The curriculum covered by the course was to include the teaching of basic welding skills with a variety of welding tools, both on a welding table and open floor welding.  14 stations would be needed, with the ability to have students welding simultaneously. The critical issue for the school was that the classroom for the course was small, and would not be able to provide adequate ventilation.  The facility’s existing air make up initially was thought to have enough cfm to effectively ventilate the area, but it was later discovered that the air make up unit was insufficient for proper air exchanges for welding applications.

Glacier Provides a Solution

Glacier Technology installed 14 PlymoVent MM100 4” fume arms, requiring only 350 cfm per arm.  The arms were easy to maneuver and would allow students to position the 8” hood above the weld to contain the smoke.  The captured particulate could then be exhausted outside.

Since the existing air makeup did not have the capacity to replace the 4900 cfm of exhausted air, our team added an Imperial cartridge collector to the system, which was installed outdoors.  The filtered air was then returned back into the facility with no additional make up air required.

Vocational School Weld Fume Collection Vocational School Weld Fume Collection

Vocational School Weld Fume Collection Vocational School Weld Fume Collection

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