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AirPro Fan Rep Glacier TechnologyThe Glacier Technology team has worked hard to build strong relationships with our industry-trusted line of equipment manufacturers. AirPro Fan is an example of one of our most dependable suppliers of high quality air movement equipment. 

Recently, Glacier Technology was the subject of an AirPro blog post titled, Talking Industrial Dust Collection with Glacier Technology. In the feature, Scott Clausen and Brian Gordon were asked to share insights they have garnered throughout Glacier’s 27 years of experience developing air movement and filtration industrial solutions.

Areas discussed included “everything from primary industries using dust collection, to dust collector fan technology, arrangements, accessories, and more”. The article reports that an expanded page with more details is soon to come.

A key point highlighted in the article was the fact that industrial fans are a “minor component” with a “major impact” on the success of an industrial air application. Some important considerations discussed include:

  • Fan Efficiency and System Costs
  • Fan Quality and Market Requirements
  • Fan Installation and Application Accommodations

A featured pull quote from Brian sums up the importance of Glacier’s relationship with AirPro Fan:

“AirPro shines in high-efficiency fans and design quality, especially at volumes above 15,000 cfm and cases where there’s a certain quality dictated by the market. They offer a great selection of accessories and wheel varieties that can handle dust collection applications with higher pressure and in general, often allowing reduced horsepower and a smaller fan footprint.” 

Glacier Technology is proud to partner with AirPro Fan. We are ready to put our years of experience and expertise to work in developing your industrial air application. Give us a call or contact us online!

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