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Glacier Technology, Inc. will represent Imperial Systems products in four states, confident that the CMAXX™ and other products are an important addition to their industrial ventilation solutions.

JACKSON CENTER, Pa., Dec. 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — There are three main reasons Scott Clausen, president of Glacier Technology, chose to represent Imperial Systems, Inc. and their CMAXX™ line of dust and fume collectors, and it started with Scott’s meeting with Imperial Systems president and CEO Jeremiah Wann. When the two found that they had much in common, including but not limited to a strong commitment to their companies, a great partnership was born.

“The first thing about Imperial Systems is the product,” Scott says. “The CMAXX has a great design, it looks great, and it can be specified to be exactly what each customer needs it to be.” He notes that the DeltaMAXX™ filters they received passed all tests and stood up to their quality standards, and that the CMAXX is one of only a few collectors on the market with IDA (in-line deflagration arrester) certification, a critical safety feature.

The second thing that drew Glacier Technology to Imperial Systems was the company itself, including Jeremiah Wann. “Jeremiah values relationships,” Scott says. “He really understands reps and dealers, and supports them and helps them market their products.” Imperial Systems, Inc. products are made in the USA and are custom designed. Scott also appreciated the “can-do” attitude and the attention to quality and customer service. Customer feedback has been very positive, especially with the immediate and helpful support provided by the Imperial Systems ServiceMAXX team.

The third reason for choosing Imperial Systems, Scott says, is the support they offer their reps and their customers. They previously represented Camfil Farr, and Glacier Technology finds that Imperial Systems offers better territory protection, personal support, and easy communication. Imperial Systems unique relationship with their representatives means supporting them and making them successful.

Glacier Technology, Inc. has an excellent reputation in the field of industrial ventilation and filtration, and they will only represent companies that meet their high standards. Imperial Systems is proud to have met these standards. Scott values his relationship with the company and notes that no one else provides the same level of support and attention.

“We want to provide the same level of quality and support to all our customers,” Jeremiah Wann says. “Glacier Technology has the expertise to bring our products to new customers and challenge us with new applications.”

To learn more about this partnership, or to contact Glacier Technology, Inc. in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin, reach out to Scott Clausen at For Imperial Products in other states, contact us at

Located just north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the small town of Jackson Center, Imperial Systems, Inc. is one of the top dust collection equipment manufacturers in North America. Their values are built on designing and installing custom industrial dust collection systems with the strongest, most durable fabrication to meet each customer’s needs.

Located in Plymouth, Minnesota, Glacier Technology specializes in advanced solutions for OEM fan applications and industrial ventilation and filtration of smoke, dust, fumes, and mist. They specialize in selecting equipment and design systems to maximize efficiency, minimize energy consumption and reduce noise generation.
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