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Farr Gold Series® GS8 dust collector at Fast Manufacturing, Mountain Lake, MN.

When it comes to agricultural spraying equipment for the farming industry, there is one company that stands apart from the rest. Most of Fast Manufacturing‘s employees are currently or have been directly involved in farming operations —making them a uniquely qualified source for exceptional agricultural products that are built with pride and efficiency. Founded in 1990, they continue to grow by using the latest machinery and technologies available.

The existing horizontal dust collector that was in place for welding processes was no longer able to meet demands. Employee safety and environmental protection were major concerns. Preparing for another expansion in 2009, Fast Manufacturing needed to address dust and fume collection for an existing welding department and Mazak tube laser cutting system.


Concerned with the safety and well-being of his employees and the environment, Fast Manufacturing founder and owner Verlyn Fast visited a local hydraulic manufacturer that has been successfully operating a camfil aPc Farr Gold series® Gs6 cartridge dust collector in their welding area since 2006. Leaving with a positive impression, Verlyn and his general manager clay

Roll made a call to Camfil aPc, who immediately put them in contact with local representative Glacier Technology Inc., who had designed the Gs6 dust collection system for the hydraulic manufacturer.

Ducting from the Mazak laser tube cutter leads to the Farr Gold Series GS8 dust collector located outside.

Glacier made an onsite visit to discuss the applications, requirements and concerns that Fast Manufacturing brought forward. The solution would be two Farr Gold series dust collectors: one Gs8 for the weld fume application and a second Gs8 for the laser tube  cutter. Both dust collectors were purchased and installed in 2009.

Approaching another growing phase in 2011 with the addition of an allTra Plasma system, combined with a positive experience from his two Farr Gold series Gs8 dust collectors, clay confidently turned to Glacier Technology for his additional dust collection needs. Glacier was already familiar with the new application from prior visits and suggested a Farr Gold series Gs16 as the solution.

Clay would call upon Glacier again for a Mitsubishi laser process that required a dust collection system. Glacier suggested a Farr Gold series Gs6 that was purchased and installed in January of 2012.

The Farr Gold series dust collectors are operating dependably and exceeding expectations.  Located in an area of the country with cold harsh winters, all four dust collectors were designed to allow warm, clean air to recirculate inside the facility to lower heating cost.

Extended filter life, low maintenance and reliable operation of the Farr Gold series dust collectors have allowed Fast Manufacturing to focus on the quality products, superior service and increased productivity that founder Veryln Fast believed in so deeply.

Product Information

Product:  Farr Gold Series® dust collector
Size:  GS8x2, GS16 and GS6
Application:  Plasma, laser, Welding, Metalworking dust and Fumes
Customer:  Fast Manufacturing – Mountain lake, MN
Installation Dates:  2009, 2011 and 2012

A proven trio of Farr Gold Series dust collectors (left to right), consisting of a GS8 installed in 2009 for welding fumes, a GS16 installed in 2011 for plasma cutting, and a GS6 installed in early 2012 for laser cutting, continue to provide constant dependable service.

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