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Diverse Range of Commercial Applications for Industrial Ovens

Industrial ovens are used for industrial processes such as baking, curing, and drying parts, components or various products. Used for small or big volume applications, industrial ovens can operate continuously with conveyor lines or in batches. They are engineered for a range of different configurations, sizes, and temperatures.

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Some common applications for industrial ovens include:

  • Pharmaceuticals – In the pharmaceutical industry, industrial ovens bake coatings onto pills and burn off excess chemicals with thermal oxidizers.
  • Drying – Industrial ovens also dry laboratory equipment and cure tablets in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Sterilization – In the medical sector, industrial ovens sterilize medical devices and decontaminate other medical supplies, such as syringes and scalpels.
  • Heat Treating – Industrial ovens also heat-treat numerous materials to achieve a specific effect, such as aging, tempering and annealing. These heat treatments can increase the materials’ durability or ductility.
  • Food Processing – Just like commercial ovens you find at home or in restaurants, industrial ovens can also be used to bake food products, but on a much larger scale than a typical home oven. They’re essential for businesses that make large batches of food for sale and delivery.

Glacier offers High Temperature Fans for Industrial Ovens

High temperature applications like industrial ovens use convection to circulate heated air within the chamber. Oven airstreams require specially designed centrifugal high temperature fans that can handle extremely high heat. 

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Glacier Technology offers a wide selection of standard high temperature fans, in addition to custom fans developed for customer applications. Our high temperature fans are fabricated from heat resistant materials to perform in the most demanding environments. We partner with AirPro and Cincinnati Fan to offer the most dependable, high performance industrial fans.

We provide the best combination of quality, performance, service and value to assure the long-term efficiency and reliability of your process. Contact us to discuss your high temperature fan needs.

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