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Leading innovator in dust collection technology, Imperial Systems, has released an informative new brochure featuring BRF Medium Pressure and Reverse Air Baghouse Dust Collectors. Imperial baghouse dust collectors are known for superior cleaning, robust construction, reliable performance, and long filter life.

This new 16-page brochure features photos, a comparison chart, accessories information, diagrams, specifications and more, all in an attractive, easy-to-read format.

Featured products include BRF Medium Pressure and Reverse Air Baghouse Dust Collectors. These innovative baghouse dust collectors offer numerous design advantages and serve a broad range of applications.

Medium Pressure BRF

This baghouse dust collector is an excellent choice for applications involving a heavy load of powdery or sticky dust. The collector uses its own compressor to produce the air that pulses through the filter bags.The bags are cleaned with a pulse of compressed air, which means more dust is broken loose from the bag surface.A specially designed rotating arm assures that every bag is cleaned consistently.

Highly efficient in operation, the Medium Pressure BRF uses its own compressor, so a compressed air hook-up is not needed. A variety of filter bag options are available for demanding applications such as high heat, moisture, or abrasive dust.

Reverse Pressure BRF

An all-purpose baghouse dust collector, the Reverse Pressure BRF is a great option for a wide range of process materials. This collector is designed to collect dust or particles on the outside of the bags, as air flows through them. The bags are cleaned by a rotating fan that blows air into the bags, releasing dust from the surface.

Unlike competing baghouse dust collectors, BRF baghouse collectors can remain online and fully operational during filter cleaning. This provides a significant advantage in terms of convenience and productivity.

Many conventional baghouse collectors are designed with divided sections, and each section has to be taken off-line in order to clean the bags. The design of the Reverse Pressure BRF allows filters to be in constant operation. Since the Reverse Pressure BRF uses a fan for cleaning, it does not require the use of any compressed air.Different types of application-specific filter bags are available, such as high temperatures or abrasive dust. Over time, the low pressure used by the fan will minimize bagwear and tear.

For additional details, download the new Imperial BRF Medium Pressure and Reverse Air Baghouse Dust Collector brochure, or for more information about all of our baghouse dust collection solutions, see our baghouse dust collectors section.  Ready to discuss your project? Give us a call!

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