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Fans and blowers are used for a broad range of industrial applications including ventilation, HVAC, and other processes. With so many fans and blowers operating throughout the industrial work environment, the noise that they generate can become problematic, especially in terms of health and safety.
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The Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) has established noise level thresholds. Noise Standard (29 CFR 1910.95) requires employers to have a hearing conservation program in place if workers are exposed to a time-weighted average (TWA) noise level of 85 decibels (dBA) or higher over an 8-hour work shift. Employers are responsible for making sure the noise levels in their facilities do not exceed acceptable levels, based on the length of employee exposure time.

  • 85 dBA is the level at which hearing protection is required.
  • 90 dBA is the OSHA, 8-hour average exposure limit.
  • 100 dBA exposures longer than 15 minutes are not recommended.
  • Regular exposure to 110 dBA that lasts for more than a minute risks permanent hearing loss.

Excessive fan noise levels are commonly caused by an open fan inlet or outlet. An inlet or outlet silencer can effectively reduce the noise levels in many of these cases. In addition to the required noise level reduction, other things to consider in selecting inlet fan silencers include the type of fan (centrifugal or axial), ductwork configuration, the allowable drop in pressure, as well as discharge velocity, pressure and temperature control.

Glacier Technology is an authorized supplier of VAW Systems fan silencers. This partnership allows us to offer fan silencer designs of virtually every size and type, designed to meet specific noise reduction requirements for a wide range of applications. VAW fan silencers deliver optimal performance in the most demanding environments.
VAW Systems noise control
VAW Systems Ltd. is among the industry’s leading sources for noise control. Challenging problems can often be solved by applying the appropriate application of a VAW standard or custom engineered silencer. VAW fan silencers are designed for virtually any standard ventilation fan or heavy duty, high pressure fan system. They are aerodynamically optimized to deliver high levels of attenuation with minimal pressure drop.

Glacier Technology fan silencer solutions are custom engineered and manufactured to meet specific needs. Contact us to discuss your fan silencer needs.

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