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Glacier Technology recently provided a much needed combustible dust solution for a privately owned fragrance and flavor business. For over 125 years, this company has been developing unique perfumes and tastes for manufacturers of a long list of food, beverage, and personal care products, purchased by over four billion consumers in over 100 markets.

Flavoring Process Dust Combustible Dust

Process Powders Dust Couldn’t be Managed by Current System

The company contacted Glacier Technology because they were in need of an affordable and effective combustible dust collection solution for their unique type of process dust. 

Flavor or fragrance formulas in bulk powder form are poured into hoppers to complete a spray drying process that transforms the powders into the finished additive products. These additives are used in end products such as pre-packaged foods or cosmetics. As these powders are dumped into the hoppers, a significant amount of dust is dispersed, which is considered combustible dust. 

At that time, the company had one central dust collector for the entire powder production facility, but it was unable to handle the volume of process dust being generated. 

Finding A Solution That Would Meet Safety and Budget Needs

The company knew that they needed a better dust collection solution. A larger dust collection unit with the capability to meet their needs would be costly. The larger upgrade would not only involve the expense of the collector, but also the cost of a host of ancillary safety equipment necessary to keep the higher capacity unit in compliance with NFPA regulations. At a certain volume, dust collectors used to manage combustible dust must be equipped with isolation systems, explosion-proof motors, and other similar mitigation and containment products.

Small, Portable Dust Collectors Ideally Suited for the Job

Based on Glacier’s extensive knowledge of regulatory requirements and dust collection technologies, our team was able to determine that multiple small, portable cartridge dust collectors would provide effective source capture and compliance, without the expense of implementing a larger, central unit, as had been done in the previous approach. 

The AER Control Systems SPC Portable Dust Collector series was selected as a cost effective, highly efficient, alternative approach in filtering the process dusts. SPC collectors comply with OSHA regulations for dust generating processes and are well-suited  for control of low to moderate concentrations of dry contaminants. Since the units are each under 8 cu feet, it was allowable to forgo the use of expensive safety accessories and modifications.

Initially, a total of seven SPC-2500 units were installed, one at each of the seven workstations that had been ducted to the previous central system. 

Advantages provided by the new units include:

  • Cost effective manual push button pulse-jet filter cleaning to minimize filter maintenance and reduce replacement filter costs
  • Option to use activated carbon after-filter to manage strong odors
  • HEPA filtration to manage very fine submicron dust or fume
  • Higher level of dust control with source capture
  • Adjustable volume control to manage light or heavy dust

Additionally, the new approach offers greater flexibility for changes since the units are portable, and the centralized duct system was removed and replaced by a reconfigurable clamp together duct system. The clamped duct approach also facilitates easier cleaning, so the system can be kept clean for greater efficiency and enhanced safety.

Installation Results

The client has been extremely pleased with the performance of the new system, and is considering further installations in their other facilities.

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