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Industrial fans are indispensable to maintaining safe and reliable operations and processes in industrial plants. If you depend on industrial fans for your productivity and profitability, you need to have an industrial fan supplier you can depend on.

Is your current fan supplier hitting the BULL’S-EYE?

Glacier Hits the Bull’s-Eye for Industrial Fan Needs

Here are six ways Glacier Technology can help you hit the bull’s-eye for your fan needs with Cincinnati Fan and Air Pro fan products:

  1. Our lead time is the best in the industry with quick ship programs available.
  2. Our fan warranties range from 1 to 3 years, the best in industry!
  3. Glacier Technology has an experienced staff for fan selection, design and project assistance.
  4. We provide fast turnaround on quotes – usually within one day even sometimes a few hours.
  5. Our team provides field support and startup assistance.
  6. You will get extremely competitive pricing with a “can do” attitude from our sales people and manufacturers.

Let us help you hit the bull’s-eye for your fan needs. Contact us to discuss your project!

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