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Industrial Fans & Blowers

There is never a good time for fan failure, so you need to be prepared. If a critical fan breaks down and you do not have a back-up or spare parts, you could be facing expensive downtime. Having a plan for fan back-up and critical spare parts will keep your business ready for the unexpected with a plan to stay productive and profitable.

In industrial settings it is common for debris, dust build-up, and corrosion to interfere with fan performance and lead to fan failure. It is important to have a reliable fan supplier who can provide fan replacement, especially when it comes to fans that are critical to your processes.

Glacier Technology is your source for fan back-up and critical fan spare parts in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and western Wisconsin. Whether you are looking for a repair, replacement, or retrofit, our team is ready to assist. Our fan specialists are available to discuss your needs, assess your situation, and develop the best fan solution for your process.

We maintain strong vendor relationships so we can meet customer requirements quickly, efficiently, and affordably. We partner with the most trusted names in the fan industry, including AirPro Fan & Blower Company, Cincinnati Fan, and more. We work hard to serve our customers with the best lead times and delivery times possible.

Through our partnerships, we provide highly dependable replacement wheels/impellers for repair of most industrial fan brands. We also offer the advantages of excellent response time, competitive pricing, and excellent lead time. We offer on-site repair options and will inspect and service your fans on-site to expedite your service and down-time.

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