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Vehicle Exhaust ExtractionSerious health risks are caused by the diesel engine and vehicle exhaust emissions found in environments where vehicle and engine work is done. Vehicle fumes can cause eye and respiratory irritation, and over the long term lead to risk of lung diseases such as cancer. 

The most efficient and effective way to combat exposure to hazardous vehicle pollutants in the workplace is to capture exhaust fumes at the source. High-quality exhaust removal systems are recommended to make sure that legal exposure limits are not exceeded. 

Glacier Technology works with Plymovent to develop a variety of systems that capture, extract, and remove gas and diesel exhaust emissions, to create cleaner and healthier work environments for:

  • Bus / truck repair
  • Car repair
  • Farm equipment repair
  • Military facilities
  • Motorcycle / ATV repair
  • Schools and colleges

Plymovent source capture systems remove the hazardous emissions at the source, providing a healthy and safe working environment. Glacier Technology develops and installs of Plymovent vehicle exhaust removal solutions that are suited to specific environments:

  • Small working areas (up to 10 feet) – Spring return hose systems
  • Medium working areas (up to 20 feet) – Source capture exhaust extraction systems
  • Large working areas (15-30 feet) – Flexible systems to serve multiple bays using motorized hose reels
  • Unlimited working areas – Expandable system with exhaust hose sliding on a rail

Our team develops vehicle exhaust removal systems consisting of a number of different products, depending on application requirements. 

Whether you need to have a complete vehicle exhaust removal system installed, or want to install it yourself, Glacier Technology will design a system that meets your specific requirements and challenges. We’re ready to help you with knowledgeable guidance to bring the best performance and value to your project. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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